Good Monday morning! 10/25/21

The Lord is high above the heavens blessing each and everyone of us with this wonderful good morning. Pray for every soul around this world that Jesus died for. Enjoy the refreshing and the renewal of each and every day. Annoint yourself and pray for yourself as well as your friends family and loved ones. … Continue reading Good Monday morning! 10/25/21

what you will always find me doing somehow To donate to the furtherance of my ministryYour donations will help my 501c3 ministry to get the Word of God throughout the World. Donate via Pay Pal or subscribe to my Podcast at And....thank you! Receipts sent for your Tax Purposes. Deu 1:11 (The LORD God of your fathers make you a thousand … Continue reading what you will always find me doing somehow

good Sunday morning! 10/24/21

Good Sunday morning everyone! In Jesus name I bless your Sunday and every day that you rise with better health, wealth and tranquility than the day before. By Jesus stripes we were, are and always will be healed. Claim your healing every day and never give up. Don't ever quit at whatever you do is … Continue reading good Sunday morning! 10/24/21

Micromanna Church online!

Subject "Halloween 2021" all are welcome!

Watch “Morning coffee in Heaven with Jesus. 102321” on YouTube

Good Saturday morning! 10/22/21

It is such a wonderful way to bless God by waking up on a beautiful Saturday morning and giving him all the glory. He kept you alive as you slept last night and he has many more wonderful gifts for you today. And just like Jesus he has his angels watching over you as well. … Continue reading Good Saturday morning! 10/22/21

Good Friday morning! 10/22/21

Good morning my friends! Jesus said to "Come and dine" and that's what we are blessed to do each and every morning. When you are friends with Jesus you are friends with the Savior of the world. What an awesome place to be. Invite your friends to the festivities and spread love all over the … Continue reading Good Friday morning! 10/22/21

Snakes in the Grass

snakes in the grass

You could be cursing yourself

An Essie-ism: You could be cursing yourself. When reversing curses we should make sure that we're not sending them back to ourselves. Therefore we should watch what we say. And then some people wonder wonder why they are sick or having bad experiences. Colossians 3:25, 2 Timothy 4:14, Deuteronomy 32:35, 2 Samuel 3:39 Psalm 7:16, … Continue reading You could be cursing yourself

Good Thursday morning! 10/21/21

Good morning! Your blessings are here to greet you every morning and knowing that, we should give thanks to God everyday. God doesn't sleep like we do, he's always there waiting to hear from his children. God always existed it is us who were created to sleep, rise, give thanks and much more. God is … Continue reading Good Thursday morning! 10/21/21

Good Wednesday morning! 10/20/21

in Jesus name I decree and declare many blessings and much healing to you, so much so that you will have to give some away! Let's not keep to ourselves what we learned about Jesus Christ but share with others as well. That is the key to being blessed for we are family in the … Continue reading Good Wednesday morning! 10/20/21

Beware of children’s games and gifts Beware of "Children's gifts." #children, #ministry, #baphomet, #evil, #games, To donate to the ministry$5.00Click here to purchase.

Good Tuesday morning! 101921

May the beauty of the Lord encapsulate you today as you go about witnessing the Kingdom of Heaven to others. I pray that you're blessed in the field, blessed in the city and blessed everywhere that you go. Add fuel to the fires of hell and its components by sending all the evil spirits that … Continue reading Good Tuesday morning! 101921

Guard your children

Guard your children.

what a wonderful day to be a child of God!

Today is a day of abundance for me and my household. Some things that the Lord blessed me with I cannot share right now. God is good and worthy to be praised.

A biblical response to aliens and UFOs