Black Smith Productions, glad to be a part.

Esther R. Scott shared a photo. Admin Group expert in Music History+1  · 1m  ·  I once interviewed Black Smith Enterprises on my radio show when they were practically just getting started and premiering in Dormont, Pa. I am also blessed to be on their Prayer Board. Everyday I watch God take these actors and directors higher and higher and … Continue reading Black Smith Productions, glad to be a part.

My comment to Marcus Rogers.

Esther R. Scott I agree with this video. I agree with you. I stay to myself and do my ministry online since I lost my church to 2 floods years ago but I am ordained and loving what I do for the Lord. I too, can't just hang around anyone. They try but something somehow … Continue reading My comment to Marcus Rogers.

Don’t cover your blessings.

Some folks can't get the Elijah anointing that Elisha received because they'd put a sweater on underneath Elijah's cloak which was a symbol that it was now time for the younger man to fulfill the plans God had for him. Beware of interruptions. Guard your transference of anointing.

Is Judas your Treasurer?

Why did Peter say "Silver and gold have I none?" Because up until then, Judas had the bag. He was the Treasurer. They had to go to the 'church' treasurer to get what they needed financially. Joh 12:6 Joh 13:29 Some of you have Judas's as your Treasurer as well, you may not know it … Continue reading Is Judas your Treasurer?

Micromanna 11-20-22

Good Morning Saints! As the Sun is rising so beautifully in my kitchen, I declare that today is a day of forgiveness. Forgiving others is the blessing. You get blessed everytime you forgive and you make the devil mad because that is definitely NOT one of the things that he wants you do do. Remember … Continue reading Micromanna 11-20-22

When you are pleased and happy with the Lord God Almighty people will NOT be able to:

When you are pleased and happy with the Lord God Almighty people will NOT be able to: 1. Make you uncomfortable with various people, 2. Make you depressed and steal your joy, 3. Make you upset at the changing of the seasons, 4. Upset you in conversations about politics, 5. Make you jealous, jealousy is … Continue reading When you are pleased and happy with the Lord God Almighty people will NOT be able to:


Soooo, my RING just buzzed at 3:00 a.m. waking me up to tell me that some lady delivered something to me at 9:28 p.m. the night before. OMG. American companies are so bombarding. Could this be human or A.I. manipulation of the 4th watch? Sorry, I don't pray "on cue" so my phone can listen … Continue reading Ok RING!

On double-mindedness

Double mindedness.....a lack of comittment. They never settled down long enough to hear anything. Spirit of instability. Unstable. Inconsistent. When the pressure comes, they evacuate. They will not hold your 'ladder' still for you. They keep moving it until you fall. They walk in disobedience. King Saul was double-minded. Jas 1:8 A double minded man … Continue reading On double-mindedness

Simply put, how God feels about the World right now.

Simply put. God is ready to crunch the Earth up in His hands like a fistful of play dough. But first he gives men a chance to live in the New Heaven and the New Earth by accepting His sent Son Jesus. Jesus doesn't know when but God the Father will send Him back soon … Continue reading Simply put, how God feels about the World right now.

God is saying to you today…

The Lord is saying to you today, "Fear not nor feel alone when it seems that the enemy has gotten their advances over you. Remember that my Holy Spirit lives within you and he fights for you and speaks to me for you. We have conversations with one another everyday about you and even when … Continue reading God is saying to you today…