My birthday gift from Antoinette Conte-Manganas

Antoinette Manganas you are an Earthly Angel! I received my birthday gift just now and it is awesome. I can't wait to get a cup! Thankyou.

Church of God in Christ, Canonsburg, Pa.

I went to this church and did my 1st sermon there. They signed my ordination papers from Full Gospel Assemblies International in Blackrock, Pa. Courtesy of Jefferson Historical Society. You can see the article at And! It's no longer Clairton (Wilson) but we are still on that right path with Jesus!

My comment to Marcus Rogers.

Esther R. Scott I agree with this video. I agree with you. I stay to myself and do my ministry online since I lost my church to 2 floods years ago but I am ordained and loving what I do for the Lord. I too, can't just hang around anyone. They try but something somehow … Continue reading My comment to Marcus Rogers.

Micromanna 11-20-22

Good Morning Saints! As the Sun is rising so beautifully in my kitchen, I declare that today is a day of forgiveness. Forgiving others is the blessing. You get blessed everytime you forgive and you make the devil mad because that is definitely NOT one of the things that he wants you do do. Remember … Continue reading Micromanna 11-20-22

Simply put, how God feels about the World right now.

Simply put. God is ready to crunch the Earth up in His hands like a fistful of play dough. But first he gives men a chance to live in the New Heaven and the New Earth by accepting His sent Son Jesus. Jesus doesn't know when but God the Father will send Him back soon … Continue reading Simply put, how God feels about the World right now.

God’s wrath is not for believers.

That which is to come upon the Earth has not been appointed for God's believers. If you aren't one, get saved now. *saved, from wrath, hell and death. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins. Tell Him that you believe that He died on the Cross and rose 3 days later and you accept … Continue reading God’s wrath is not for believers.

RIP Joseph William Consonery, Jr.

My daughter's dad died last night 11-03-22. We haven't been together since she was practically born. She is 35 now so it's been years. But, we did keep in touch with one another. I got over my fears with him and he got over his with me. I was the stickler and he was more … Continue reading RIP Joseph William Consonery, Jr.

A word to outcasts.

This is for all of the people who feel like outcasts. The ones who never get called in church to be prophesied upon when the "Guest Prophet" comes to town. The ones that never get invited to any gatherings. The ones who were wrongly labeled as home wreckers and church dividers. God has a word … Continue reading A word to outcasts.

Come unto me – dream

Last night I had a dream that I was in a large church with people of all ages and races. The leaders of the church were preparing for some sort of 'event' there and had asked me to be one of their speakers. I looked at the program that the Pastor had handed me. I … Continue reading Come unto me – dream

Promoted today by Facebook to “Public Figure!”

God is so good. I literally sat here this morning and just watched the steps come in into promoting me to a Public Figure. When God is working you could literally feel the Holy Spirit at work and there's nothing that you can do but follow His wonderful steps. God bless you #Facebook and yes … Continue reading Promoted today by Facebook to “Public Figure!”

Good morning! October 26th 2022

New Birth Ministries7m  · Good Morning Saints.I pray that you are blessed and that today goes well for you in Jesus name. satan has many tricks up his sleeve to throw you off. Never underestimate him. Stay on your guard every day. Some do not and the enemy sifts them as wheat. Once they realize that they … Continue reading Good morning! October 26th 2022

Witches are trying to curse you. BUT!

Some witches spent their whole Friday night and early Saturday morning trying to cast spells on you to bring you to a downfall but they forgot that you are covered by the Blood of Jesus and you have Psalm 92:11, Colossians 3:25, 2 Tim 4:14, Prov 26:27, Habukkuk 3:13, Deut 32:35, 2 Sam 3:39 and … Continue reading Witches are trying to curse you. BUT!

Good Thursday Morning! 10/06/22

The Lord is saying, "Your singing and praising will release the favor of my hand upon you and I will fight your enemies. Any enemy of yours is mine as long as you make my enemies yours as well. You cannot walk the fence with me. You are in a war with evil and there … Continue reading Good Thursday Morning! 10/06/22

Good Wednesday morning! October 5th 2022

The Lord is saying "Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down and shaken together and running over will men give to your bosom. Whatever you give will be given back to you overflowing because this is the way I have it, this is the way I like it, and I … Continue reading Good Wednesday morning! October 5th 2022

Good Wednesday morning! September 21st 2022

The Lord is saying, "Be still and know that I am God. There is nothing in this world that you need to concern yourself about. Worry is not in my vocabulary. Neither will you use it in Heaven. Trust in Me with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all … Continue reading Good Wednesday morning! September 21st 2022

My son and my Canning Storage room.

My son saw the pictures of my daughter and I canning vegetables, meats and jellies. He liked it so much that, this morning he actually invested money into our canning. I was so surprised to wake up to a PayPal notice in my email saying "You've got money!" I thanked God and instantly prayed over … Continue reading My son and my Canning Storage room.

Good Wednesday morning! September 7th 2022

Mat 13:48  Which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into vessels, but cast the bad away. Mat 13:49  So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just, Mat 13:50  And shall cast them into the … Continue reading Good Wednesday morning! September 7th 2022

Happy Wednesday Morning! August 31st 2022

Recite the scripture below to remind yourself of the blessings of The Power of Habit. Z = Zain/Zayin, Revealer of secrets, Zion, Zenith, brightness, countenance. Zayith (olive), illuminating. Alleged password of the Essenes = Zaphnethpaaneah. Zem zem = Holy Wall in Mecca. Use this when you have been rediculed, mocked or disbelieved or when the … Continue reading Happy Wednesday Morning! August 31st 2022