Don’t store empty jars.

Laura Hull Facebook. Here's a great idea. I saw this post in a group and had to share. “I’ve seen many posts asking about storing empty jars. So I’m sharing the wisdom of my grandmother. She taught me this in the 1960’s and I have been doing this ever since. These jars are not sealed … Continue reading Don’t store empty jars.

Good Monday Morning! 10-03-22

Rise and shine for the light has come! The glory of the Lord has risen upon you! The Lord is saying, "Have no arguments with others over my Word because those who really study my Word will know that I do not like it when people argue over it. My Word is power. Never allow … Continue reading Good Monday Morning! 10-03-22

Blessed October 1st 2022

I prophesy that your entire October will be showered with blessings from on High in Jesus name. Psa 18:19  They came against me on my day of disaster, but Adonai was my support. Psa 18:20  He brought me out to an open place; he rescued me, because he took pleasure in me. Psa 18:21  Adonai rewarded me for … Continue reading Blessed October 1st 2022

Good Thursday Morning! 092922

Psalms 119:97-112 “THY WORD IS A LAMP, UNTO MY FEET” The psalmist cries, O how love I thy law! He then proceeds to say that he has become wiser than his enemies and has more understanding than all his teachers. But this is not to be wondered at, because love is so quick and unerring in its … Continue reading Good Thursday Morning! 092922

Good Wednesday morning! September 28th 2022

The Lord is saying, "Greatness is within you. Favor is on your side. The Blood of Yeshua covers you and there is nothing that It cannot heal. I send you healing(s) and miracles according to your ability to accept them and learn from whatever the test or trial may be. Job passed and proved that … Continue reading Good Wednesday morning! September 28th 2022

Good Morning! 092722.

The Lord is saying, "I am doing a new thing and those of you who thought that your personal life or ministries didn't "add up" I am about to bless you in unimaginable ways. Many of you are about to be grandfathered-in to my plans that I have for my people. Just when you thought … Continue reading Good Morning! 092722.

Blessed Rosh Hashanah! September 26th 2022

The Lord is saying, "I am doing a new thing for you this year. I am bringing down the false prophets and officials and raising up those who are true who actually serve the public. This New Year is going to bring blessings to you that no demon in the 2nd heaven or those who … Continue reading Blessed Rosh Hashanah! September 26th 2022

Good Saturday Morning! 092422

Act 4:13  Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus. Act 4:14  And beholding the man which was healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it. Act 4:15  But when they … Continue reading Good Saturday Morning! 092422

Good Friday morning! September 23rd 2022

The Lord is saying, " I love you my child with an everlasting love. No one can separate us. I love to hear your voice when you talk to me. You may not feel it, hear or see it but I cradle you whenever you cry. I want you to have the joy of the … Continue reading Good Friday morning! September 23rd 2022

Proud of New Birth Ministries

2 days ago a lady called me out of dire straits. She found my number from our Ministry Page online. She had lost her house and the Sheriff was coming that night to put a lock on her door. Her young son lives with her as well. They already had some of the money that … Continue reading Proud of New Birth Ministries