Another testimony of a beautiful lady who enjoys my writings

Shelia Davis Jones 9h  · 6 years ago, Pastor Esther R. Scott penned the following!!! This word is bubbling as I read it tonight... still fresh and hot!!!!! Some of you have been going through so badly that you won't admit this to yourselves so please allow me to do it for you and you … Continue reading Another testimony of a beautiful lady who enjoys my writings

Good Thursday morning 093021

It's a new dawn and a new day and God is still sitting high on his throne, wearing his Royal diadem looking at us and praying for us. In my spirit I see his beautiful crown on his head, and he wants you to wear yours as well. God has many blessings that he wants … Continue reading Good Thursday morning 093021

More than a millionaire Just when the devil thinks that he's taking over our finances, God is creating millionaires. #KeepPraying #StayHoly #REBUKESATAN To donate to the ministryYour donations will help my ministry to get the Word of God throughout the World. Donate via Pay Pal or subscribe to my Podcast at And....thank you! Receipts sent for your … Continue reading More than a millionaire

Good Wednesday morning! 092921

I am in awe this morning looking at the beauty of God's holiness. I pray that your day is as beautiful as this sky that I'm looking at right now. It reminds us to look up every day. Look to the hills from whence cometh our help, our help comes from the Lord. There are … Continue reading Good Wednesday morning! 092921

Good Tuesday Morning! 092821

Wake up to the celebration of life because God is good and you are alive! Enjoy each and everything that God has for you. Spread the joy and tell others. Keep working on them and don't let them go. Our Father is heavy into reconciliation. Sometimes it takes time for a person to make up … Continue reading Good Tuesday Morning! 092821

Good Monday morning 092721!

god bless your Monday as you go about blessing the Lord. God is healing hearts, minds, and souls and yes he's still in the healing business. I saw in the spirit where God is healing those with heart troubles, aneurysms, strokes and various eye problems. God sent his son to take up all of our … Continue reading Good Monday morning 092721!

Prophecy 09/26/2021

I see in the spirit that, right now, God is healing eyes, detached retina's, glaucoma, diabetic eye problems, allergies, blindness, and every other infirmity that deals with sight, even in the spiritual. e-Sword Mal 4:2  But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall … Continue reading Prophecy 09/26/2021

Good Sunday Morning! 092621

Good morning all of God's Beautiful peeps! It's a beautifully bright and crisp morning. What a wonderful day to praise the LORD/Lord hallelujah! Get up and give your reverence to the most high God and thank Him for all that He's done. He is doing great things hallelujah and will continue to do so for … Continue reading Good Sunday Morning! 092621

Pre-trib, Mid-trib or Post-trib?

Pre-trib? Mid-trib? Post-trib? Whatever-trib, you are saved from God's wrath. *Selah Peace with God Through Faith Rom 5:1 Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:Rom 5:2 By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory … Continue reading Pre-trib, Mid-trib or Post-trib?


A lady in my old church once handed me perfume by #Avon called "Provocative." She kindly said I provoke people. I never understood that until recently. It was actually a blessing and not curse. I just wish that I didn't throw the perfume away out of ignorance. The one she gave me had no lid … Continue reading Provocative?

Good Saturday Morning! 092521

I bless this day in Jesus holy name and I pray that you have much favor while walking with the power of the Most High God. May all your enemies bow before you and may the Lord give you peace and strength in every situation. The Lord, his ways are a straight path, walk ye … Continue reading Good Saturday Morning! 092521

Good Friday morning 092421

May your day go smoothly, free of all that hinders, and full of love, joy, and laughter. God intended for you to be happy and free. Smile and enjoy your day no matter what comes your way. Show the world that you have Jesus in your heart and Holy Spirit within you. Walk and run … Continue reading Good Friday morning 092421

Healing by the grace of God

People are saying that I look younger and by the grace of God I surely feel better. I think that it is the Country Sunshine, the grass, and the well water. It may also be the horses around my property or the way the air blows so gently and sweetly like it's coming right out … Continue reading Healing by the grace of God

Good Thursday morning! 09/23/21

God is great and worthy to be praised. Hallelujah! It is a beautiful day to praise and worship the Lord because that is what it our God enjoys. When you are in the royal court you do what the king likes. Good morning royal people. That is how Esther became Queen, she didn't do what … Continue reading Good Thursday morning! 09/23/21

Good “1st Day of Fall” morning! September 22, 2021

Today marks the first day of Autumn 2021! Aren't you glad that you made it to this point? This is the time when the leaves on the trees change colors and God shows off his colorful and magnificent artwork. I hope that you have a blessed autumn with many more spectacular ones to come in … Continue reading Good “1st Day of Fall” morning! September 22, 2021

Support my podcast! :)

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The spirit of the Lord is saying undo

The spirit of the Lord is saying "undo." Undo all that's been done to you. Just like Jesus did on the cross. He "undid" it. DonationTo be a supporter of my ministry, for offerings, tithes, or donations. Receipts sent for your Tax Purposes.  Deu 1:11  (The LORD God of your fathers make you a thousand times … Continue reading The spirit of the Lord is saying undo

Good Tuesday morning! 092121

May this day bring you much gladness and joy, peace and rest, in Jesus Christ. If you don't have the love of Jesus in your heart then, you don't know what you're missing. He's reaching out to you accept him now. Don't be like a bride who missed the groom at his coming. Always be … Continue reading Good Tuesday morning! 092121

How to hardstart an imac for your sanity.

Recently I had the experience of my keyboard going down on me on my iMac. It began Saturday September 18th and it just ended. I was in tears because my ministry is mainly an online ministry. I tried everything that I was told to do online and none of it worked. Here's one and I … Continue reading How to hardstart an imac for your sanity.

Good Monday Morning! 092021

The Lord has blessed us this day with all that we need to be happy and to share with others. Let's do so on a daily basis. The more the merrier. Thank you Jesus for giving us a brand-new day to enjoy our lives as we worship you and praise your holy name. Let every … Continue reading Good Monday Morning! 092021