Blessings to you for 2015

Esther R. ScottBless all of my friends and family Lord, in Jesus name. Cause them to rise up above their enemies and be blessed morally, financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and naturally through manifested blessings. Cause us to hear Your voice stronger as the days go by so that we can block out the negativity of … Continue reading Blessings to you for 2015

The Word is ‘healthier’ for you.

Obedience is greater than sacrifice yes, but God's Grace and forgiveness helps us to do the task at hand. God gets the last Word in all cases as in the case of Abraham. In Genesis 1:21 God told Abraham, the Father of all Believers, to get away from all of his Father's house and all … Continue reading The Word is ‘healthier’ for you.

Baby Boy grew up

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Jesus was unarmed and wrongfully charged as well.

~ Rev. Esther R. Scott ~Author of "Elixir of Life" in iTunes: Birth Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) Charitable OrganizationTo Donate: click here .  BR Rev. Esther R. Scott ♨︎ 🎙 🎧📖 ♥️ ♥️💜❤️💚💛 📖🎙✞ (Blog)

Be real in your testimony

I'm so tired of people saying, "So and so tells everything!" Especially when you know they are hinting about you right? Lol. There is nothing like testifying about how good the Lord is in our lives. People kill me trying to act like they are perfect and was born sin-free. I always say, "Tell it … Continue reading Be real in your testimony

How to remain happy!

How to REMAIN happy! Hebrews 1:6-14 I. Exalt Jesus as the Christ. Praise and worship Him!  A. Even the angels worship Him. 1. Spiritual beings verses 6-7 2. Don't want to? You are not being spiritually & heavenly-minded."Other- minded" but not Heavenly-minded. B. Mt 2:11 & 14:33 & 28:9 - Lu 24:52 - Heb 1:6 - … Continue reading How to remain happy!

Fwd: Esther has posted a new update…

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Too many lies being told on Jesus.

Study to show thyself approved. The enemy is going to test you to see if you know God the way that you say that you know Him. You have to know your Word. Don't fail. Don't get caught with your "faith" down. They will attempt to 'catch' you in your words and faith. Mark 12:12-13 … Continue reading Too many lies being told on Jesus.

Fwd: Put the finishing touches on the tree

  div.preheader { display: none !important; } Help light up the St. Jude Children's Tree @media only screen and (max-width : 640px) {table[class="container"] {width: 98% !important; } td[class="mainTitle"] {width: 250px !important; } td[class="mainTitle"] img {width: 100% !important; } img[class="shadowDiv"] {width: 95% !important; } td[class="bodyCopy"] p {padding: 0 15px !important; text-align: left !important; } td[class="mainImage"] img … Continue reading Fwd: Put the finishing touches on the tree

Organic and Raw Chocolate Superfood Greens

A friend of mine sent this to me last week as a gift and I am very thankful for it. I wanted to try it for about a week to see how I felt while drinking the smoothies that I make with it and I have to say I feel really good and very energetic! … Continue reading Organic and Raw Chocolate Superfood Greens

Be alert of who you are associated with.

There are Christians familiar with witches and witchcraft and you don't think that anyone knows it. You have a Familiar Spirit. There are groups of you doing it. It has gotten to the point where some of you are known for it, for that thing which you thought for years was secret. God is snatching the … Continue reading Be alert of who you are associated with.

Are you Apostolic?

D Daniel Bynes with Diamond Walden and 18 others1 hr · ~Apostolic Assignment Shift~After the payment, Ehud started home with those who had helped carry the tribute. BUT, when Ehud reached the STONE IDOLS near Gilgal, he TURNED BACK. He came to Eglon and said, "I have a secret message for you." So the king commanded his servants, "Be quiet!" and … Continue reading Are you Apostolic?

Cnesorship isn’t only in China

I've noticed lately that all of my posts online go through except the ones about Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Even on Facebook, my posts about them and my newspaper interview didn't go through. It's as though nobody read them. And I even 'shared' the post from the Observer-Reporter themselves on Facebook. Still, no 'likes' … Continue reading Cnesorship isn’t only in China

How to help your pastor:

By Mark Simpson via Facbook:HOW TO HELP YOUR PASTOR (AND YOURSELF) IN THE NEW YEAR:"Preaching is a job in which the effectiveness of the speaker is enhanced by the attitude of the listeners." (Charles Dickson) Just look at the results Jesus had in Nazareth, versus Capernaum. The poor attitude in Nazareth hindered the ministry greatly. … Continue reading How to help your pastor: