How to remain happy!

How to REMAIN happy! 

Hebrews 1:6-14

I. Exalt Jesus as the Christ. Praise and worship Him! 

A. Even the angels worship Him.

1. Spiritual beings verses 6-7

2. Don’t want to? You are not being spiritually & heavenly-minded.“Other- minded” but not Heavenly-minded.

B. Mt 2:11 & 14:33 & 28:9 – Lu 24:52 – Heb 1:6 – Rev 5:8 (Exalting Jesus)

II. Yes, you’ll make mistakes DON’T CONDEMN YOURSELF! 

A. Romans 8:1 No condemnation!
B. Peter messed up but Jesus still loved him.

1. He showed violence when he cut off the Centurion’s ear.

III. Know who Jesus is. The Anti-Christ hates Him.

A. Who’s side are you on?
B. Some had differing opinions of Him – and still today!

1. John 7:37-43

IV. The Oil of Gladness

A. Anoint yourself every morning with Prayer

1. Ps 45:7 & Heb 1:9-10

V. Take it from the Big Boys!

A. John the Baptist Jn 1:27-27

B. Zaccaheus Lk 19:2-3

C. Syrophenecian Woman Mk 7:26

D. Men in the Temple hearing Jesus and questioning Mk 6:;3 & Mt. 13:55

Rev. Esther R. Scott aka “Rev Essie” {New Birth Ministries}

28 December 2014
God bless you and yours! 

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