I Can’t Breathe

I’ve heard it all now. I just saw on the news where a woman has applied for a patent for the words, “I Can’t Breathe”. Eric Garner’s mother was interviewed and now she has to go around telling people, ‘…those are our words. We are not trying to make any money on them.’    I am literally shaking my head right now over this. Can ANYBODY keep anything these days without someone stealing it for profit? Have we become a land of mimickers and mockers with no new ideas at all? If so, someone needs to put God back where He belongs in this land, high and lifted up, so that He can give us the new ideas that we need to make it in this generation and those to come. That way, we won’t sit around, waiting to hear or see something good and claim it before the originator can get a good chance. With permission is fine but …. stealing….really?  

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