Something happened to me as I looked at the red sky this morning. 121422

This morning December 14th 2022 at 7:30 a.m. I looked out side and saw a beautiful pink and red sky. I have to testify also to you that when I went out to film this on my camera as a video and came back in and posted it to Facebook, something happened to me. A heat like I never felt before in my life came over me and my brain, my head, my-my hands, my shoulders, my face, my eyes. I know that I was feeling the fire of the Holy Ghost of God on me. There was a sound in my head as though I was in an echo chamber or something. It sounded like one of those movies on tv where sharp music plays as the professor turns into the Hulk or the man turns into the Six Million Dollar Man. My hands got real red, as red as my eyes. I knew it was God. I do believe that the Holy Ghost did something within me. I looked in the bathroom mirror and my eyes were as red as my face and my hands. Not one or two minutes later I was back to normal and so were my eyes and my hands. I never experienced anything like this before but I sure love it because I know it was from God. Whatever you just did to me this morning Lord God I accept. And thank you for that beautiful sky. Your daughter, Essie.


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