My physician was astounded.

Another testimony. 🙂 I just came back from my doctor’s office. I couldn’t wait to see what he would say about my results the other day. He was astonished and asked me what I did to get such good results on my health chart, especially since I had a Cancer scare earlier this summer. My cholesterol dropped 100 points, my sugar level is almost back to normal 6.9, my weight dropped significantly and my blood pressure was 112/76. He was literally surprised. I told him how I’ve taken up canning again and eating healthy. He said that’s good and losing the weight is good for my knees and my bones. My skin is a bit wrinkly but who cares about that? I’ll use paper clips on it if I go anywhere. (Just kidding of course.) Good warm salt baths should help it to adjust to the new weight.

Not to overdo the canning thing but it really helps. You don’t overeat because you get filled on your OWN recipes in a jar. Add a little rice or mashed potatoes and you have a whole meal!

I pray that if any of you are having a health problem, that the Lord will lead you into miraculous healing in Jesus name.

Thanks for reading! And or listening.


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