Dream of a controlled rocket

Today is August 22, 2022 and last night I dreamed of a controlled rocket landing in the land next to where I live. My neighbors own 3 acres of land that surrounds 3 sides of my home. They run horses at the track. They are great neighbors. I stood in my kitchen door and saw a white-ish colored rocket with a black window and a black “tab” at the bottom of it’s fish tail-ish type of end. Someone was standing outside of it controlling it. There was no one inside I had presumed. It was practicing it’s ‘touchdown’ in the field across from my kitchen door. It was close to me but it couldn’t have been extremely huge. I would say that it was about 15 feet high. I couldn’t see the man who had the controller in his hand but he stood in the field a well. He was trying to land it on it’s end “the tail” but it kept landing on it’s left side with the window being close to the right belly side. It was shaped like a fish when you look at it from the side, flat on the bottom, belly.

I am not an artist by far but I tried to draw it out. The controller guy is a bit big but he was definitely about 1/2 the size smaller.



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