Prayer request

I had a vision of a helicopter accident. I remember seeing myself somehow flying up trying to help them as it was coming down but it crashed and all that I saw was blood splattered on someone's face. There has been so much going on with our skies lately, one cannot tell what's going on. … Continue reading Prayer request


Dream of a controlled rocket

Today is August 22, 2022 and last night I dreamed of a controlled rocket landing in the land next to where I live. My neighbors own 3 acres of land that surrounds 3 sides of my home. They run horses at the track. They are great neighbors. I stood in my kitchen door and saw … Continue reading Dream of a controlled rocket

Aliens are Demons. help those who mistakenly give credit to demons by not knowing Jesus and what He has warned us about in His Word. They are in our atmosphere, the area of satan’s rule. The Prince of the Power of the Air. God told us ahead of time what is to happen in our future. It … Continue reading Aliens are Demons.