Good Day to you Child of the Most High!

Keep your head up today and smile! Today is the first Thursday, January 16th, 2020 that you have ever experienced…and the last one. Make it a great day.

I am thankful to God for waking me up again. It’s best to be thankful now because thankfulness brings on healing. Did you know that? Some people suffer in life because they are not thankful for what God has already done for them. You won’t get more if you don’t enjoy and appreciate what you already have. Smile and thank the Son for another day and praise and bless His Holy name. No matter what happened yesterday, it’s a new day. Get back up!

Mr. Kyle Idleman on James Robison’s show this morning is telling us from his book “Don’t give up” that we should help someone who gets knocked down and tell them to get back up in the game. Don’t worry about how they got down, HELP THEM TO RISE UP! The bible constantly gives us the word and ability to charge up and get back up and says so many times, “fear not” and “run the race with perseverance.” I am telling you this today, continue to run the race. Strengthen your spirit even if you have to put on some praise music or sing it yourself. Here’s a secret: God loves it when you praise Him.

Also pay no attention to the negative. Cast your anxieties on God. Throw off everything that hinders. And remember, when someone says or does something out of order, pray for them. It’s not them but the enemy using them. Jesus rebuked Peter’s statement when the devil was using him, he rebuked satan, not Peter. Jesus loved Peter. Do you love me? I love you too. Pray for one another. Although you may have 99% in your life, go back for the one. They just may be your cornerstone one day.

Rev Essie

🎙 🎧📖 ♥️
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