Pray for me and anyone who may be encountering this.

I keep having experiences at night where I feel a dark presence over me as I sleep. I don’t know if it is a personal experience or if I am interceding for someone else but I am sharing this for all who believe. While just drifting off to a good sleep or even during sleeping, I feel a presence in my room and can feel that I am not alone. It is not an angelic presence because God’s Angels are always described as being the brightest white when they appear. Whatever this thing is, I can feel in my spirit that it is sneaky and not supposed to be there. There are no great greetings nor messages from the Lord, just darkness and a sneaky presence. In Jesus name, I bind any astral projecting witches that may be trying to ruin my peace. (Read “Destroying Fear” by John Ramirez.) Last night, I was sleeping soundly and felt the presence once again as though it were opening a door at the left side of the foot of my bed. It was as though someone opened a door at my feet while I was sleeping but no one walked through. I even heard the door sweep open on my carpet. I rebuked it and it went away therefore I know that this event is not a Heavenly Angelic event. Something is definitely trying to make me feel that my bedroom is not exempt from their presence. My bedroom doesn’t feel evil or anything. And I pray and bless it with Holy, prayed over Oil. This is why I believe that it is someone trying to practice that stupid Astral stuff. I believe personally that people who do that mess are definitely some (as we say in Pittsburgh,) “nebby” people. They should mind their business and stay out of mine because I belong to the Lord and will continue to do what I do for the Kingdom of God. See? This is why God tells us to practice patience. We can’t boo-hoo about our lives and sit in a pity party. Ask for prayer and call it a day!  

All of my life I struggled for peace and I am not talking about mental peace. I may not be the brightest cookie in the bunch but I am not crazy either. Sometimes I feel like the Apostle Paul who said that he had a “thorn in his flesh” that he just couldn’t shake. There was always ‘something’ assigned to ruin my peace. It makes you feel like a dog on a chain after a while. Every time I get 90% towards some type of freedom, something snatches it away from me in some kind of way. It’s like the fisherman on that insurance commercial who snatches the dollar away from the young girl with the fishing poll and says, “Ut! You almost got it!” And she keeps attempting to snatch away. I try to reach out and join various groups but there is always some type of agenda that takes too much of my time away from ministry and my ministry with God comes first. I have to, no, I enjoy doing ministry with and for the Lord and will continue to do so. What we go through is to be shared with others in case some soul out there needs to hear of the experience so that they can be given hope. What you say and do in real time or online may save, even if it’s, one soul. Sometimes I feel that maybe I should get closer to more Apostolic types (as I was years ago) because these ‘religions’ today don’t get deep enough for me. They are so superficial. It is so hard to believe that people still wear big hats to church and think they are going to hell for not tithing. God doesn’t need our money! Your church building may or the preacher may need a new Cadillac, but here is the secret folks: Tithing is not necessary for your salvation!!!!! Jesus didn’t announce on the Cross that you need Tithing and Salvation to get to Heaven! Folks will argue with you about tithing. They seem to be more faithful to tithing than their relationship with Jesus. “I cheat on my mate or taxes… but I tithe!” “I can’t stand my neighbors or my relative…. but I tithe!” “I treat people with a long-handled spoon… but I tithe!” Good Lord. Stop it already. People are experiencing harsh truths in this world and folks are worried about money. My bible says that Jehovah Jireh is my provider and is my Shepherd and I will want for nothing. I don’t need a ‘law’ to make me think that I am rich. I am rich in Christ Jesus. Point blank.

The Word tells us to be careful of our speech because life and death are in the power of the tongue. I am not speaking death I am just reaching out, hoping that there is someone out there who really cares and will pray unconditionally for me. A person who really loves the Lord enough to love me the same way without finding something wrong with me that hinders them from praying. One who will pray for me without accusing me of something odd or in competition with me. One who doesn’t say, “She’s strange” or “I just can’t hang with that.” 

From all that I’ve been through in my life, I should have been dead a long time ago. I even had psychologists and counselors grab tissues and wipe their eyes when I told them my story and they told me that I should have been dead. And no, I am not trying to get pity here. “You can’t be pitiful and powerful at the same time.” (Joyce Meyer.) I tried to get human help before but nothing equals the salvation of Jesus Christ and the wisdom and healing of The Word. 

And to end this, nothing equals the prayer of one who loves another and cares about their well-being. Know, that I am praying for you also. 

Rev Essie

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