Long black limo dream

Last night I had a dream about being at some type of an event with a lot of people. I remember seeing elderly people with bikes, canes, balls, stuffed animals, flowers, etc. There was either a concert going on or something big. The main thing that I remember is looking to my right and seeing … Continue reading Long black limo dream

Someone’s mother/grandmother needs prayer.

God showed me in a dream that there is a sweet older lady who lives by herself and doesn't have any help. The lady that I saw had a white cotton dress on with a sweater over it. She was slender and you could tell that she had no teeth in her mouth or dentures … Continue reading Someone’s mother/grandmother needs prayer.

Please keep my neighborhood in prayer?

Please keep my neighborhood in prayer? When I first moved in 3 years ago where I am now in Pittsburgh, I had a neighbor who was outrageously loud and rambunctious. It was horrific. I didn't want to keep asking for prayer every day as some Christians now think that all you want is attention. I've … Continue reading Please keep my neighborhood in prayer?