Please keep my neighborhood in prayer?

Please keep my neighborhood in prayer? When I first moved in 3 years ago where I am now in Pittsburgh, I had a neighbor who was outrageously loud and rambunctious. It was horrific. I didn’t want to keep asking for prayer every day as some Christians now think that all you want is attention. I’ve actually heard that before about myself. That’s why I don’t post prayer requests too much anymore or they say “TMI!” People are so quick to say what you are doing wrong that you are scared to ask for prayer anymore.

This guy had an old, white, blind boxer that was allegedly allergic that would beat oddly upon the floor which echoed in my apartment day and night. The timing was so unusual (almost spiritual) that, if I told someone about it they would think that I was a constant complainer. I forgot, everybody isn’t transparent. My daughter and I nearly cried to get to sleep much less being rested to do ministry on Sundays on the Radio Show, so if I haven’t seemed “very anointed” recently to someone’s “liking”, forgive me. It’s been rough. He had a LOT of company running in and out at all hours of the night and they would get drunk and high and climb on the roof when he forgot his key, while moaning and vomiting all over the apartment. His roof is just a few steps away from my bedroom roof. (Separate roofs but close.) His appearance was very skeleton-like and frail. You could hear him moaning and groaning from being drunk or high all night. He talked very very fast almost to the point of not being able to catch what he was saying. I tried to talk to him a time or two but he walked like a jack rabbit and was very jumpy. He did try though. You could tell.


I did notice for the past 5-6 months that his place got really quiet and you can only hear him coming and going as he is an awesome worker I assume, or maybe you could hear him on his telephone, not word for word but his pitch you could hear. I am not one of those glass-to-ear-to-the-wall type of people. I have enough of my own life to be concerned about. Anyway! The good news thus far is that when I was sitting out on my porch the other day, he came out to go to work, dragged up a chair on his porch and began to hold a NICE conversation with me! He apologized for the dog, said he’d never want another one because obviously he had the other a long time. He had to put him down last year. I talked about how they do become family after a while and told him about my Zekie (White Great Pyraneese) that I had years ago. We talked about the Sunshine and Vitamin D. 😊 I got a good look at his face. I am not the type to do the stare of death when I am taking to people but I did happen to look long enough to see that…..

….he had gained weight in his face and is actually a decent looking man! I believe that our prayers (and MY complaints, Lord forgive me,) have been heard and God is healing the man. His face looked good. My daughter said she noticed it too. Now, I hope he’s saved! *Next!

I believe that the Prayers of the Saints can change things while people are ‘sleeping.’ I had to apologize to God for complaining. The dog’s noise was so unusual that we thought it was some kind of ‘machine’ or something next door. It always sounded like someone was knocking. And not only that, the timing was impeccable. It was one of those things that as soon as your mind drifted off to a partial sleep, you could hear it slowly coming in the back of your mind and it would wake you up. Y’all don’t know this but there are so many times that I had to pray myself to sleep. I just didn’t tell anyone what was going on. And you have to watch who you tell because they may not be crazy about YOU either and actually LIKE your neighbors! Lolol. You know what I mean? The kind who laugh when you cry and cry when you laugh all while smiling in your face. You have a problem with someone, they LOVE them? That kind?

In this last paragraph, I would like to present to you some more neighbors who need prayer. Same problem, same thing, other side. Excessive traffic and noise, (and NOT music noise either.) This really is a beautiful neighborhood with older people who used to work at the mill but the younger, I hate to say “highed-up” generation took over and it’s deceiving from the outside while riding through. As an old friend of mine who used to be a gas man used to say….”you’d be surprised what’s going on inside some of those beautiful buildings.” (Rest his soul.) There are some really nice older people here though. Pray for them too. They wave to me as they are getting in and out of the cabs. Thanks for allowing me to ramble.

God bless and KEEP PRAYING FOR FOLKS!!!!!


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