Someone’s mother/grandmother needs prayer.

God showed me in a dream that there is a sweet older lady who lives by herself and doesn’t have any help. The lady that I saw had a white cotton dress on with a sweater over it. She was slender and you could tell that she had no teeth in her mouth or dentures of any kind.

The windows to her apartment were old, it was quite messy and she had no food. People watched her as she attempted to cross the street to a food booth or store to get food. She fell in the middle of the road and everyone was stepping over her. I was walking up the hill where she was at and saw this neglect and walked over to her, helped her out and helped her to purchase food. She kept falling and I had to help her up. She had a sweet attitude as though she may have begun to go into dementia a little. I couldn’t believe that she was by herself.

If any of you have a mother or grandmother whom you haven’t visited in a while. Call and see if she is okay. Maybe there is an old offense that you are harboring. It’s time to let it go. The bible tells us to honor our mothers and fathers and we will live long. After all, you may have offended her many times but I bet she never let you know it. 😉


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