RIP Joseph William Consonery, Jr.

My daughter’s dad died last night 11-03-22. We haven’t been together since she was practically born. She is 35 now so it’s been years. But, we did keep in touch with one another. I got over my fears with him and he got over his with me. I was the stickler and he was more into his work and drinking and hard drugs. He was a great carpenter and always said, (and meant it), “If I can’t fix it it’s broke.”

I knew that it wasn’t him when he’d try to follow me at every address that I would get. He’d move to every town that I would move to, stealing my privacy so to speak. The drugs turned him into a weak, weak man. His dad, Joseph William Consonery, Sr. (whom I loved) passed years ago and then his mom, Corabelle Consonery passed and all he had left was me and Alexi. He loved my son Ja’red too. They always cooked steaks on the grill when he was more himself and a bit more clean. I hated the fact that Joey had become an 8-baller. They take something to mellow out the high and then something to get high on. 8-ballers never have a happy medium. Their souls are unsettled. Their flesh runs their world. His present ‘girlfriend’ said that he just fell and died after taking heroin. This is serious folks. Heroin is a strong demon that many fight. Did you know that many bodies are found laying in woods, etc because Heroin addicts don’t want to get caught doing it so when their friends overdose, they leave them there? Most people never get caught for murder or aiding and abetting because they leave after their ‘friends’ die.

Around 2003 Joey came to the altar when I had preached and accepted Jesus as his Savior and got baptized along with 13 other people in our church at that time when I was Pastoring, therefore, I know that he is saved. I think I was water-logged that day but we were happy and the food afterwards was excellent. What happens to his soul now is between Joey and God, A and B so everyone else can C their way out of the conversation I suppose. Joey was saved.

Today is a sad but true example as to why I do what I do. I lead people to Jesus. I did my part. I just pray that his soul is at rest now. He deserves it.

Now, on to comforting this beautiful daughter that he gave me. She needs me and I need her.

God bless all of my listeners and readers, in Jesus name,



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