Come unto me – dream

Last night I had a dream that I was in a large church with people of all ages and races. The leaders of the church were preparing for some sort of ‘event’ there and had asked me to be one of their speakers. I looked at the program that the Pastor had handed me. I said, “How long do I speak?” He said, “As long as you want. Ah, about 45 minutes would be nice.” I said, “Sounds good.”

I was the head of a women’s group. We got on some sort of ‘train’ and I ‘drove’ them around a little town that I used to live in, Houston Pa. I remember beginning to preach to them after feeling a little confused for a while. I didn’t know what to preach on while I was driving this ‘amuzement park train’ kind of vehicle. All of a sudden I began to tell the women who were with me, “You may have daughters who may have given themselves up too quickly in life and living the life of whoredom.” Some began to agree with me and say “Amen.” Then I felt God telling me to tell them, “But God says, ‘Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.'” They all began to say “Amen!” and agree with me. The middle aged ones about my age, began to agree but there were some older ones sitting in the 2nd (back) row that hadn’t yet. It may not have pertained to them, I don’t know.

Just then we approached our destination (the church from whence we came I presume.) I made a left turn on Main Street in Houston, Pa at the light where Arnold Pontiac is located, the Presbyterian Church and Speakman Funeral Home so whatever ‘church’ that we were in (Presbyterian perhaps?) The men were standing in line on the left side of the street waiting for us to return. They smiled as they saw us coming. As I drove, having a bit of a rough time making the turn with that long train, the men moved their feet out of our way and Bernie Mac, the World’s beloved, deceased Comedian said something to me jokingly but lovingly and moved his feet one at a time out of my way. His feet were bigger than the feet of the rest of the men. Usually when you dream of a comedian it means that God wants you to rest up, sit back and enjoy what He has given you, life and all. (The Joy of the Lord is our strength.)

I remember feeling great about ministering and having the ladies listen and enjoy what I had to say.

Well, that was the dream. If you have any interpretations, feel free to comment!


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