My son and my Canning Storage room.

My son saw the pictures of my daughter and I canning vegetables, meats and jellies. He liked it so much that, this morning he actually invested money into our canning. I was so surprised to wake up to a PayPal notice in my email saying “You’ve got money!” I thanked God and instantly prayed over it , my son, and our little canning venture…

…and ordered more jars!

This is actually a wonderful addition to our ministry, New Birth Ministries. We are a 501(c)(3) Charity. I’ve told a few people to BYOB (bring your own box) and come get some. I will be canning more and more each day. God blessed us with a way to get more food than we ever have, therefore I know that He has anointed my hands to do this. (And my daughter’s. She’s my helper.) Alexi made her first canned jar of Butternut Squash yesterday and she was geeked. 🙂

Yes, you can call me the Canning Preacher because that is what I do! I feed people with natural and spiritual nourishment. I wouldn’t trade it for the World.

God bless and enjoy!

Esther R. Scott (You Tube)

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