My recent canning adventure.

Years ago I tried canning potatoes but it was quite a failure. I think it was more of making vodka instead of canned potatoes. I began to smell something in my kitchen. I was wondering where the smell was coming from. I thought it was the garbage but here come to find out, it was the potatoes. They smelled absolutely horrible so I stopped canning after that. That was about 4 years ago. But recently, after a great prayer time with the Lord, I felt the urge to start canning again out of the blue! I began to watch videos on YouTube and I ordered Amish cookbooks. It was as though I had an urge, craving or impulse to can! And after that…


I’ve been canning nearly every day and it feels wonderful. Maybe you should try as well if you’re interested.

Yes you may be investing in buying the jars to do the canning with and the lids and all of the utensils that you need, but just think you’re saving your family in the future from being hungry.

And another wonderful thing about canning is the fact that you may be helping others out in the near future. The way things are going on now in America especially with food you can help someone else.

And lastly, but firstly actually, we started out on our tomato adventure. My daughter and I had a wonderful time. This is really something that you can do with your family. It’s time consuming but oh so satisfying. And my daughter just said “it’s relaxing.” Just remember this tip that my daughter gave me when we started out, if you take your time cooking food in a slow cooker do not rush your canning process. Especially with meats. Meat, I process for 3 hours. And fish you process for 4 hours. One more hour than the regular meats. After all how did the people of old do it? Think about that. The Amish still do it and most of them have not even heard of pressure cookers or pressure canners. Me? I will continue to water bath can.

Esther Rochelle Scott
Alexi Rochelle Scott

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