I have a secret for you if you’re being harassed by the devil

Even Jesus told the devil to shut up and you should too. Don’t worry about King James language because it confuses people sometimes although it tells the truth. Mark chapter 1 verses 23 to 26 and it says “And there was in their synagogue and man with an unclean spirit and he cried out

24saying let us alone what have we to do with these thou Jesus of Nazareth art and thou come to destroy us I know thee who thou art the holy one of God.

25 And Jesus rebuked him saying hold thy peace and come out of him

26 and when the unclean spirit had torn him and cried with a loud voice he came out of him.

As you can see Jesus simply told the devil to shut up. And you can also read that in Luke chapter 4 verse 35.

Carpe diem

Rev Essie

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