Good Tuesday Morning! 082421

We will always thank you Father for giving us new mornings for your word says weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that when you wake up in the morning the freshness in the newness of God’s grace and mercy is sitting there right there in your face saying “look at us! We are here call upon us if you need us we’ll be here?” God made them to be never failing just like He is. God never fails us. Sometimes we may fail him but his love and forgiveness are only some of the blessings that we should thank him for.

No matter what you may have done, no matter how small or how large, how typical or untypical, no matter how dark or how grim, God’s grace and mercy and forgiveness is there for you. Jesus is your best friend and he knew exactly what you would be going through in your life therefore he offered himself as a sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice, so that you may be covered by his blood to be protected from all evils of this world. You are protected from all of the evil that the enemy could try to strike up against you. We just have to drop our pride and ask him!

He already conquered Satan. The only way that we can conquer Satan and all his evil doings is through Christ Jesus there’s no other way. If we think that we can do it by ourselves we only fool ourselves. There is no sage burning, no house blessing spray, no candles, no incantations that would stop the advances of the enemy in your life. Jesus is the key, the way, the door. There is nothing else. That is the test, are we going to drop our pride and ask him? Or are we going to continue to beat our heads up against a brick wall until we bleed? Only Jesus is blood can free you from all Satan’s advances.

JESUS said his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Let’s choose Jesus and tell others to do the same. Have a beautifully blessed day.

Mat 11:30  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

The earlier verses remind us of Isa 60:1-22. Awake, thou Christian soul; arise from the, dust and put on thy beautiful garments! Stand on the mountain-peak of prayer and Christ shall shine on thee as when morning gilds the highest Alps! The child of God must arise from among those who are yet in their graves, dead in trespasses and sins. He can have no complicity or fellowship with such. Is there effort in this, and cost? Christ will more than compensate. He will satisfy.

The opportunities of life are fleeting past; let us buy them up. They are most valuable, because they form the seed plot of eternity. In the other life we shall reap the harvests which we have prepared for here. “Give every flying minute something to keep in store.” Chrysostom, as a young man, kept silent for days together to break himself of a bad habit of detraction. But the Apostle’s method is better. Make room for the Holy Spirit. Be filled with Him, and He will use heart and lip in the service of praise and thanksgiving. It is as much our duty to be filled with the Spirit as it is not to get drunk. Remember to give thanks always for all things. Whether you like the packing-case or not, you may be sure that the contents are the very best that God could send you.

Ref: e-SwordX

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