Good Monday Morning! 08/23/21

Prosperity and peace be upon you, your land and your family, your finances, your mind, soul, spirit and body in Jesus name amen.

We thank you father God for being so good to us that we cannot even fathom the things that you’ve done for us nor write them down. You are a good father and we love you. Jesus you are a wonderful son, Savior, best friend, and blessed big brother in the family of God.

Today we bind any word curses that were placed over us from the time we were little children. We bind them in Jesus name and we send them all to dry places never to return to us or our lineage ever again. We speak peace, love, joy, free minds, good health, good finances, good thoughts, and favor over ourselves, our families, friends, neighborhoods, and we do it simply because we can. We want to exercise your power every day of our lives and thank you for it. Because Jesus You said that we can which means that we have the Power to be able to do so. Anyone that doesn’t believe they have the power in their hands Father God strengthen their belief in Jesus name. We pray for those who don’t know what they have in their hands but are going by what they see and hear instead of filling in the spirit the electricity is flowing through their fingertips given to them by you.

Today we arrest our flesh and we totally surrender our body, minds, souls and spirits to you Lord God and we thank you for allowing us to do so. May our spirits join with your Spirit, and our thoughts be given to us by the Holy Spirit, the Ruach HaKodesh of God.

May the Power within us always show the Prince of the power of the air that ours is the true Power, the royal Power, the everlasting Power, the stronger Power, the Power that created all things and the Power that created him. Whether by air, land or sea our Power annuls and overrules his. We thank you for dwelling in us and using us the way that you do Jesus. Use us to draw people to the foot of the Cross.

Jesus forgive us for the times that we blame the enemy for keeping us up at night when in all actuality, most of the time it was You grabbing our attention because our day-times are so busy and sometimes filled with emptiness. Forgive us Lord. We thank you for those times in the wee hours of the morning that we can use to fellowship with you, listen to you, listen to your direction, talk to you in our spiritual language which no one or nothing can understand but you. It is so wonderful how we have our own language to speak to our God, but sadly so, some people refuse to use it. Cause them to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that they too can say things to you through the Holy Spirit that the devil will have no idea at all what they’re saying. Cause us to kick him to the curb and leave him out of the party. He’s not invited. This is between A and B and he can C his way out of it, in Jesus name, thank you Lord, amen.

To support the ministry for $0.99 to $(any amount) Just set it and forget it! Go to God will give back to you some 30, some 60, some 100 fold. In Jesus name. God bless you and amen.

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