Kick your scorners to the curb and get busy.

“Kick your scorners to the curb.”
Matthew 9:23-31
Rev Essie Scott
Pittsburgh, Pa.
9/13/20 Sunday
Good Morning, Good Afternoon and/or Good Evening wherever you are. This is Rev Essie of New Birth Ministries of Pittsburgh, and I am glad that you are listening today. I pray that your day is blessed and if it doesn’t seem to be going that way…..Bless it yourself! God lives in you. He gave you His Power so use it! Today the topic is “Kick your scorners to the curb.” Get your Swords, a drink and a snack, and maybe a tablet and pen and sit back and I’ll be back to delve into this subject right after this.
(King Jesus, Vicky Winans.)
Let’s turn our swords to Matthew chapter 9 verses 23-34 and it reads like this:
Mat 9:23  And when Jesus came into the ruler’s house, and saw the minstrels and the people making a noise,
Mat 9:24  He said unto them, Give place: for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed him to scorn.
Mat 9:25  But when the people were put forth, he went in, and took her by the hand, and the maid arose.
Mat 9:26  And the fame hereof went abroad into all that land.
Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
Mat 9:27  And when Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, Thou Son of David, have mercy on us.
Mat 9:28  And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord.
Mat 9:29  Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.
Mat 9:30  And their eyes were opened; and Jesus straitly charged them, saying, See that no man know it.
Mat 9:31  But they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country.
Jesus Heals a Man Unable to Speak
Mat 9:32  As they went out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man possessed with a devil.
Mat 9:33  And when the devil was cast out, the dumb spake: and the multitudes marvelled, saying, It was never so seen in Israel.
Mat 9:34  But the Pharisees said, He casteth out devils through the prince of the devils.
Just as we do today at funerals, they were doing at this time in this period of the bible, playing music and mourning the death of a girl. Until this virus came this year, (in which some say that it’s been here since November of 2019), we have kept the same ritualistic burials as over 3000+ years ago. Recently though we are not permitted to even attend our loved ones funerals unless the government says that we can according to our various areas of living. It’s a shame when the government tells you when and where you can mourn, sing, preach, pray, praise and worship. It has overstepped it’s boundaries and attempted to take God’s place and I am sure that He is not pleased and will not allow it to happen long.
In those days they had professional mourners who did just that, mourn; just as singers sing, poets recite, preachers preached, mourners mourned and may have even gotten paid a little stipend to do so. According to verse 23 of Matthew 9, the house was noisy. That doesn’t mean that it was quiet, quaint, peaceful, full of whispers and gawkers. The crib was noisy folks. I find that this word is used a few times in the new testament when it comes to presenting Jesus and other gatherings of the people to us.
Jos 6:27  So the LORD was with Joshua; and his fame was noised throughout all the country.
Mar 2:1  And again he entered into Capernaum after some days; and it was noised that he was in the house.
Luk 1:65  And fear came on all that dwelt round about them: and all these sayings were noised abroad throughout all the hill country of Judaea.
Act 2:6  Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language.
My question is “When did the church become so sensitive and quiet throughout the years, not allowed to play instruments or to even say allowed ‘amen’?” This could possibly be from when the church began to adopt and adapt (modify itself) to Roman Catholicism which is known worldwide for their solitude and quietness without much reference to Holy Ghost tongues, etc. but pray for them because many of their churches are changing. There was a time that Mary was revered more than Jesus but that is changing as well. You don’t pray to Mary, you pray to Jesus, He is the one who shed His blood in order that we would be saved. Even when Jesus rose from the dead and took the saints with Him, Mary was still living so she wasn’t in that number at that time. Jewish writers of the Word, God’s original Priests before anyone was grafted in, state that Jesus had an ascension not His mother. We have to be careful of which ‘gospel’ that we sit under. I love my Catholic friends, a lot, but I do pray that God opens their eyes to stop worshiping idols, (dead beads made by man’s hands, deceased humans, and statues) and start putting Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMaschiach, the true Redeemer in His rightful place in their lives. Lev 26:1  Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the LORD your God. Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego can tell you about that experience in the Fiery Furnace. Amen?
Jesus would be the one to stop all of the sexual perversion suits, calling perverts “Father,” although God, the true Father tells us not to do that in Mat 23:9….. And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
Matthew 9:23 says that the crowd was wailing. Let’s look at the dictionary term for word ‘wail.’ When I do research on something I do as much as I can to exhaust my resources. To wail is to scream, yell, shout, use a loud vocalization in which the air is passed through the vocal folds with greater force than is used in regular or close-distance vocalization. To scream is often an instinctive or reflex action with a strong emotional aspect, like, fear, pain, annoyance, surprise, joy, excitement, anger, etc.
Disambiguation. disambiguate | ˌdisamˈbiɡyəˌwāt |
verb [with object]
remove uncertainty of meaning from (an ambiguous sentence, phrase, or other linguistic unit).
This means that anything that would cause one to think otherwise was removed from the text to let you know that these people were screaming outlandish screams. It would make one think that she or her family must have had ‘clout’ in the town or was beloved by many. Musicians and mourners came. It doesn’t say that she had ‘just’ passed or the musicians and mourners wouldn’t have been there yet. This was a very professional funeral. It was not like the town prostitute or the towns worse defiant child had passed. I believe they would have had a quick funeral then, and sit at the table for a good plate of food, eat, drink and go home. When you read verse 24, Jesus tells them to make room for him, (as the house was very crowded,) because the girl was not dead but as He stated, she was “sleeping.” In Mark chapter 5:38 it tells us that there was a great tumult. That’s serious and it is loud. tumult | ˈt(y)o͞oˌməlt |
noun [usually in singular]
a loud, confused noise, especially one caused by a large mass of people: a tumult of shouting and screaming broke out.
• confusion or disorder: the whole neighborhood was in a state of fear and tumult | his personal tumult ended when he began writing songs.
These people had a lot into this funeral and Jesus is going to tell them that she is NOT dead? After all this was the “rulers” house. You know they paid a pretty penny for the funeral and here comes Jesus, telling everyone to get out of His way because the girl is not dead. Imagine that happening to you? “Excuse me, who are you and exactly what is your name sir?” Right? Verse 24 says that they ridiculed Him. That means that they weren’t very inviting and talked about Him, mocked and mimicked Him. Just as they did while He was in the Courtyard and on the Cross. It never stopped with Him and it won’t stop with us either. To ridicule is: ridicule | ˈridiˌkyo͞ol |
the subjection of someone or something to contemptuous and dismissive language or behavior: he is held up as an object of ridicule.
Feeling or showing that someone or something is unworthy of consideration. He meant nothing to them. They could care less. They treated Jesus and His words so disrespectfully that He had to put them all out of the room to bring the girl back from death. This is why we cannot always think that healing is in the loudest vehicle, people, places or times. Jesus put them out of the room, took her hand and the girl instantly arose. Mark 5 says that He used the Hebrew term: “Talitha Cumi” which means “daughter rise” or “little girl get up!” The resurrection happened and everybody told whomever they could about it. The word says that the report went out into all of the land. Simply put, Jesus went viral. That quiet, crazy guy that nobody wanted to pay attention to became famous due to His diligence and courage to face the people. How is your courage? Would you enter a room full of loud, intimidating people to prove your point that God heals? Are we ready to be ridiculed, talked about, dogged, intimidated just to tell the World about Jesus? Do you have friends who do that to you? Do you know of anyone who really doesn’t believe in you or your ministry but they hang around just to make noise in your life? Unbelief can hinder you. You love these people but they just don’t believe in you. Some of them may be close friends, your husband, your wife, your ex, children, siblings or sometimes, even your Pastor! There are times when you have to kick them to the curb and push them out of your “room” so that miracles can occur. Let’s take a look at:
Jesus Rejected at Nazareth
Mat 13:53  And it came to pass, that when Jesus had finished these parables, he departed thence.
Mat 13:54  And when he was come into his own country, he taught them in their synagogue, insomuch that they were astonished, and said, Whence hath this man this wisdom, and these mighty works?
Mat 13:55  Is not this the carpenter’s son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?
Mat 13:56  And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things?
Mat 13:57  And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.
Mat 13:58  And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.
Do you know that a non-believer can slow you down and clip your wings? You are wondering why your ministry or authority is not being taken seriously or is not prospering the way that you thought that it should be by now. That is because you are trying to carry someone on your back who has the spirit of unbelief on them and they are just using you for a free ride. You can’t go far because your wings were made just for you not them too. They are too heavy. The song says, “he ain’t heavy he’s my brother” but let me tell you, an unbeliever is NOT your brother!!!! He/she is a hindrance to all that God told or assigned you to do for the Kingdom. What comes first in your life, that freeloader or God’s Kingdom? Choose wisely. If you don’t, one day they will take your ministry, wear your clothes, eat your food, take your man or woman, and sit in your seat and kick YOU to the curb. How many Sampson moments do you have to have in order to carry out God’s mission in your life? How many knock downs do you have to go through in order to do things right this time? Thank God for His Grace and Mercy, amen?
Example: have you ever had someone who just uses you for ideas? I have. They slyly work their way through to hear what you have to say or see what you are up to. I have to admit, I come up with a lot of ideas! Some work and some don’t. I end up putting a lot on the back burner until I hear from God about them again. God has blessed me in that area. I’ve had churches, prayer groups, blogs, radio programs, music, books, public positions, entertainment awards, etc. I always end up with a seat at some table somewhere! It’s not hard for me to be included in the right place! If I try out something that seems to be great but it ends up being not-so-great nor enthusiastic I’ll drop that project like a hot potato. Well, and I am just using this unmentioned person as an example so forgive me but, I know someone who has a shortage or mental blockage somewhat when it comes to creating ideas therefore they follow me and watch whatever I do. They don’t really “love me” love me, per say, they just tolerate me and I can tell. I discerned it years ago. And sometimes they even get short tempered and angry with me and it shows when they aren’t feeling well or not so stable at the time. That’s ok though, I still give them my time when they need it. God says to give them your cloak as well, amen? When I drop a project, they pick it up really quick because they think that they are “more capable” of handling that thing more than I ever could. I watch them fail time after time. What God meant for me is for me. He is the Potter and I am the clay and He made me a mini-potter and my ideas are the mini-clay. People can try to wear your shoes but if your shoes are too tight, they’ll get spiritual bunions. And if your shoes are too large for them, they’ll get raw sores which, get this, slows down their ‘walk’ with the Lord. They have to stop too much, rest and recover from trying to wear shoes that were not fit for them to wear. What does that tell you about their walk? These my friends are what they call, “False Prophets” or “Fake micro-managers.” Stay away from them. Kick your scorners to the curb….NOW!
Mat 9:27  And when Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, Thou Son of David, have mercy on us. (Even the blind can tell who Jesus is. They called Him “Son of David” and asked for His Mercy. Asking for mercy is asking for something that you don’t deserve. These blind men were not vain, self-exalting or prideful to talk to Jesus the way that they did unlike some people on the Earth today. People today are so prideful and vain that they think that there is nothing wrong with them. You cannot help them. They think that they don’t need Jesus. They can heal their own selves and solve their own situations. Do you know and understand who Jesus is? Rent the veil over your spiritual eyes and allow Him to show you Who He is. All that you need is repentance and obedience. Don’t be what God calls “a fool.”
Mat 9:28  And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord. (The blind had no unbelief and was not able to see with their physical eyesight, the miracles that Jesus had done. They didn’t go by sight, they went by perception in their own hearts after their hearing that was working so properly for them. No doubting Thomas’s here.) Faith comes by….(hearing.)
Mat 9:29  Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. (Jesus leaves it all up to you. The healing is right over your head, you just have to reach up in faith and grab it, claim it and apply it. Notice He told them that the healing will come to them “according to their faith.” How much Word have YOU been hearing? Or are you still scrambling as to who it is that you really want to listen to. Don’t let the devil kill your focus. Some people aren’t healed because they don’t believe that it can happen to them. They want a hand out, a tent-meeting healing without even giving their entire lives to Jesus. If you want what He has, you have to put some more oomph into your belief section. There’s not free rides here, no demilitarized zone. We are in a battle every day and either you are on the Lord’s side or you are on the side of the weak ones who couldn’t fathom up enough strength to trust fully in God to the point of wanting nothing as in “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” They say, “Heal my Diabetes Lord.” You just called it yours. That Diabetes is one of your belongings now. You are that which you speak. God will not take away anything that you like or claim. You have to break those ties that bind you either spiritually, physically, emotionally or mentally and give it to Jesus and be free. And some of us created those evil soul ties ourselves and don’t even know it. Bind those things in Jesus mighty name and never make them again. Give that disease back to the one who really owns it…satan. God is not a thief, if you claim it, He will not steal it from you. I once knew someone who literally made themselves sick trying to get on Disability. They did everything that the doctor suggested to them. If he said that they should be experiencing joint problems, they went to their physician and said they had osteoarthritis symptoms, and bilked the medical system of pills that they didn’t even need. If the Disability Doctor asked if they were hearing voices, they’d go to their Private Doctor and get a prescription for a Psycotropic med to allegedly ‘stop them from hearing voices.’ The Disability Doctor said that they shouldn’t be able to bend over and touch the floor so guess what? They began to only bend half way although at one point they did cartwheels and crunches. And guess what? They finally got some Opiates to “kill the pain” and months later, they got their Social Security Disability. The problem is that they actually began to live out and display their “made up” symptoms. They limited what God can do. The thing that gets me is that Social Security Disability only pays so much per month and this person made 4 times as much on their job than what Disability paid them. Now, they only get paid once a month and they’ve learned to live low and ‘want.’ That’s not of God folks. They went from Jehovah Jireh to the World’s System. What are they going to do when these Government programs close down?
Mat 9:30  And their eyes were opened; and Jesus straitly charged them, saying, See that no man know it.
Mat 9:31  But they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country.
Jesus Heals a Man Unable to Speak
Mat 9:32  As they went out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man possessed with a devil.
Mat 9:33  And when the devil was cast out, the dumb spake: and the multitudes marvelled, saying, It was never so seen in Israel.
Mat 9:34  But the Pharisees said, He casteth out devils through the prince of the devils.
Are you saved? Now is the time to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. With all that is going on around the world, you need a friend. Jesus can be that special friend if you allow Him into your life. He is your helper and His Holy Spirit is your Comforter.
If you are not saved, just repeat the Romans Road after me: Say “Jesus, I repent of my sins, I am so sorry Lord. I believe that you died on the cross and rose 3 days later from the dead, just for me and I accept what you have done, I accept you as my Savior. Thank you Jesus, amen.” Now go find a bible believing, Holy Ghost filled church and learn of Him, it’s never too late. Your new life starts now. All old things are gone away. God throws them as far as the East if from the West. Now….go live, laugh and love! 
Num 6:24  The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:
Num 6:25  The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
Num 6:26  The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
Thank you for coming on today and I pray that your week goes by Victoriously! 
Rev Essie signing off! God bless and have a great day!

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