My “God gave me a song” blessing.

2 days ago, I was sitting in my living room with my daughter and an old church song came to my mind that I haven’t heard in literally, years. I began to sing it and thought “I should record this on my phone!” So I stopped, put tape over my camera on my phone and hit ‘record’ and sang it. To my amazement ALL of the words came back to me! I was shocked. I knew that it had to be the Lord because, for years, I’ve had a problem remembering words even when I was the lead singer of a Country Rock group, “Sundown,” the lead singer of a Soul Group, “PUSH” and sang leads in various church choirs.

I ALWAYS had to use cheats. It was horrible to me but I did. Once in a while I would learn a song so good that I knew the words but that didn’t happen often. I am known as one of the “Anthem” singers in my area and even during some of those times, I had some of the words written on my hand and sneakily glanced at it while I was singing. I love the Anthem so much that it means a lot to me to not mess up the words. I’ve seen professionals botch up the Anthem and it is horrible to watch. I used to sing the Anthem for the 4th of July Parade in my hometown of Canonsburg, Pa. which is one of the biggest parades in the U.S. Here’s a couple videos:

Yesterday, one of our leaders in a Gold Company that I am affiliated with, Karatbars International, asked for my phone number on Facebook Messenger. I was surprised but gave it to her. She called me and when I answered the phone, she began singing the song to me! I was so happy to hear this! We ended up singing together. It was awesome. Plus I was honored for her to call me like that. I watched her move up during the 5 1/2 years that I’ve been in and she is awesome. She is now, one of the BIG leaders in Wealth Builders World Wide and deserves all of the recognition that she gets. Her husband is a well-known entertainer as well. They are baby dolls, looks and hearts as well. That was the most blessed call. We were on the phone for nearly 40 mins to an hour. The conversation just flowed. She’s very fluent in the bible and has had many experiences that she’s overcome. She told me how me singing that song on Facebook took her back years to when she was 8 years old, leading that very song in her church’s children’s choir.

God works in mysterious ways. Have you ever heard older people say that? It’s the truth. I knew that there was something about the way that-that song came to me. It was out of the blue and unexpected. This morning, there are 193 views of it on Facebook. There were 60 views the first hour that I posted it. I am sure that it brought back many memories to people and for that I am glad and thankful to God. I am honored that God uses me. If you feel the same about yourself, start speaking it out.

When you feel led to do something and it just feels odd to you, don’t stop, don’t say ‘no.’ Just do it. Only if it’s positive and you know that it will bless someone else. That’s what Christians do, we encourage, edify and uplift …. others. I am so glad that I did that song, tape on my camera and all. Lol.

God bless and thanx for reading!



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