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By Your stripes I am healed by


By Your stripes I am healed by

“By your stripes” lyrics written by Essie Scott, music and singing by Helen Shepherd and Essie Scott. I own the rights to this song.

My “God gave me a song” blessing.

2 days ago, I was sitting in my living room with my daughter and an old church song came to my mind that I haven’t heard in literally, years. I began to sing it and thought “I should record this on my phone!” So I stopped, put tape over my camera on my phone and hit ‘record’ and sang it. To my amazement ALL of the words came back to me! I was shocked. I knew that it had to be the Lord because, for years, I’ve had a problem remembering words even when I was the lead singer of a Country Rock group, “Sundown,” the lead singer of a Soul Group, “PUSH” and sang leads in various church choirs.

I ALWAYS had to use cheats. It was horrible to me but I did. Once in a while I would learn a song so good that I knew the words but that didn’t happen often. I am known as one of the “Anthem” singers in my area and even during some of those times, I had some of the words written on my hand and sneakily glanced at it while I was singing. I love the Anthem so much that it means a lot to me to not mess up the words. I’ve seen professionals botch up the Anthem and it is horrible to watch. I used to sing the Anthem for the 4th of July Parade in my hometown of Canonsburg, Pa. which is one of the biggest parades in the U.S. Here’s a couple videos:

Yesterday, one of our leaders in a Gold Company that I am affiliated with, Karatbars International, asked for my phone number on Facebook Messenger. I was surprised but gave it to her. She called me and when I answered the phone, she began singing the song to me! I was so happy to hear this! We ended up singing together. It was awesome. Plus I was honored for her to call me like that. I watched her move up during the 5 1/2 years that I’ve been in and she is awesome. She is now, one of the BIG leaders in Wealth Builders World Wide and deserves all of the recognition that she gets. Her husband is a well-known entertainer as well. They are baby dolls, looks and hearts as well. That was the most blessed call. We were on the phone for nearly 40 mins to an hour. The conversation just flowed. She’s very fluent in the bible and has had many experiences that she’s overcome. She told me how me singing that song on Facebook took her back years to when she was 8 years old, leading that very song in her church’s children’s choir.

God works in mysterious ways. Have you ever heard older people say that? It’s the truth. I knew that there was something about the way that-that song came to me. It was out of the blue and unexpected. This morning, there are 193 views of it on Facebook. There were 60 views the first hour that I posted it. I am sure that it brought back many memories to people and for that I am glad and thankful to God. I am honored that God uses me. If you feel the same about yourself, start speaking it out.

When you feel led to do something and it just feels odd to you, don’t stop, don’t say ‘no.’ Just do it. Only if it’s positive and you know that it will bless someone else. That’s what Christians do, we encourage, edify and uplift …. others. I am so glad that I did that song, tape on my camera and all. Lol.

God bless and thanx for reading!


God makes a display of our enemies openly!

My “Haman” got embarrassed publicly. (Read the story in the bible about Queen Esther and Haman.) A preacher friend of mine told the actual owner of “The Town of Canonsburg” group on Facebook what one of the moderators did to me by kicking me out of the group ‘thinking’ that I had “stolen” one of his pictures of which I actually didn’t. It was strange. I’ve known this guy (the one who kicked me out) since we were young and he always did have a cocky and argumentative attitude but no one took him serious. He got on council and you couldn’t hit him in the behind with a red apple after that. That’s just what we DIDN’T need. I honestly don’t know how he got on council with his background but I’ll pass on that conversation and keep it to myself. People want to hear it while you are telling it and when the mess hits the fan, they’ll tell everyone that you told it.

A young black man from Canonsburg was in the newspaper for playing football for a professional team and I posted it in “Canonsburg Friends” Group which I was honored to be a moderator. I was very proud of the young Black Man as I am noted myself as the only black female listed in Canonsburg’s BiCentennial History Book as one of their well known singers among Perry Como, Bobby Vinton and Bobby Shawn (my BMF). I am honored y’all! God has been good to me. AND! We are all in the same chapter/section too! I give God all of the Glory.

The one moderator must have something against the 1st Canonsburg group, (Canonsburg Friends) and he got upset that I shared the picture there. I don’t understand it because I shared it from the Pittsburgh Press or something like that, just like everyone else did and he accused me of ‘stealing.’ It’s crazy because it’s the same hometown with these 2 groups right? So, last year sometime, I resigned from being Moderator on Canonsburg Friends, feeling that I had made too many mistakes while doing do. I felt horrible then. In our recent thread that went over until today, people are still commenting on it, it was even mentioned how it would be crazy for Hallmark who is sponsoring Canonsburg’s Christmases now, to find out that they are kicking preachers out of their group.

Anyway, the owner of the 2nd group, “The Town of Canonsburg” apologized and let me back in and my alleged “old friend from our youth” was mad. He messaged me on Messenger and tried to act like he was trying to be nice by letting me back in. It wasn’t him! It was my preacher friend and Rob, the owner. Lolol. There was a whole conversation thread going on about it online as people hadn’t known that this happened to me some time last year. I kept it quiet and gave it to God. People are now messaging me about the hard times that he is giving them and loved ones about things around town since he’s been on council. I received about 3 complaints in 1/2 hour.

The owner of Canonsburg Friends came on the thread in The Town of Canonsburg Group and asked me to come back and be moderator of Canonsburg Friends again!!!! Is God good or what? I’mmmm baaaaack!!! lolol. I am back on both groups! It’s a shame that they can’t blend and have just one group but, it is what it is. (Quiddity.)

If you read the book of Esther, you will see where she put her life on the line by asking her husband the King, who was Persian to save her people, the Jews. He didn’t even know that she was Jewish. There was an evil man named Haman who worked closely under the King and he wanted to kill the Jews. Esther revealed herself to the King to ask for a stay on his planned execution. He timing was bad but God’s timing was excellent. When she finally told the King, Haman laid down on the bed that she was in and begun to harass Queen Esther. He just knew that the King was going to change his heart and hate her too, but…..he didn’t. Instead the King glorified Esther’s Uncle who raised her, Mordecai and changed his decree to kill the Jews. Haman was, needless to say, heated. He was mad when he laid down with Esther but better still, the King was mad at evil Haman for doing what he did and making gallows for Esther’s Uncle to hang on therefore, the King arranged for Haman and his 10 sons to be hung publicly on ….. get this….. the Gallows that he had built for innocent Mordecai.

This is why I say that we should be still and let God fight our battles. It may seem like it takes a while but when He does it, He does it soooo well. Now, my Haman is being hung publicly for trying to hang me. Old folks used to say that if someone wants to make an a– out of themselves, let them do it by themselves. I believe that has happened. (Pardon the jargon.)

I am honestly just giving it to the Lord. The Lord God fought this battle for me and made it so that my ‘enemy’ is being displayed for his evil …. publicly. Amen.

Col 2:15 And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.

My Roadie 14 Feb 2012

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to witness to someone that I’ve loved very much since he rodied for my band in my heydays from the late 70’s. I was lead singer of 4 bands and he helped with 2 of them. We always had a special relationship somehow. It was one of those relationships where we loved each other deeply but never really did anything about it. Every now and then, we’d meet in the middle somewhere, talk a while, separate and live our own lives again.

It began to be, if this makes any sense, a “David and Jonathan” relationship. I loved him like I love my own soul. Still do. For some strange reason, in our lives, we always seem to find each other and talk things out about our lives then, we part and are led on our personal journeys once again.

He’s always had his ups and downs, but then again, so did I. These past 8-9 years have been very bad for him. He’s been calling me since last week and I somehow didn’t handle the calls the way that I should. I was torn between talking to him the way that I used to and planting seeds for the Kingdom. I asked God to forgive me and give me just one more chance to do right. When you get a chance to do right…..just do it, don’t hold back. I kept getting this feeling that if I didn’t his blood would be on my hands somehow. Something just didn’t seem right to me. Finally, last night, when I saw his number on my phone, I prayed and asked God to help me. He did. I began to say things to my old friend that shocked even me. The words and the visualizations that I gave him were awesome. I knew it was God. My friend knows the Word as well, he just grew up in a different religion than I did. Our conversations always did come back to God in one way or another.

Every now and then, as I was talking I noticed that while I was talking, the other end of the phone got dead quiet. I knew that he was listening and soaking in what I was telling him, i.e. bitterness takes root, unforgiveness is like cancer, it spreads, etc. I noticed that he oddly changed the conversation and it somehow ‘lightened’ up. He sounded better after we talked.

I just want to thank God for giving me another chance to get myself together for such a wonderful opportunity to not only show how my character has changed throughout the years but to also show how my friends character CAN change as well.

Thank you Lord.