In honor of Lucille Hillberry

I just received a beautiful call from a 95+ year old lady named Lucille Hillberry, from my old apartment building in California, Pa. We lived on the same floor and she came to our Sunday services nearly every Sunday. If you’ve ever watched some of my videos, she’d be the thin, pretty one with the silver hair who likes to read poems after I preached. She’s part Cherokee and so am I therefore we got along great. She used to tell me old Cherokee stories and recipes and gave my daughter a pair of feather earrings that were outstanding.
She told me that her fern is still growing strong since I told her about putting black coffee in it. (Plants love coffee.) We chatted about who’s new, who passed and who needed prayer. I said a prayer for her and she was glad. She’s recently had a hospital stay for her back (sciatica) but she is doing better now. Thank God.
You never know who you may have touched with your ministry no matter how big it is or how small. Lucille’s call moved my heart and brought me to tears. I miss my folks who live there. I am small. I am a nobody compared to my other brothers and sisters of the Cloth, but I do believe I made a dent for the glory of God and His Kingdom there. It was so good to hear from her again. So many changes in the past 6 years but her loving voice remains the same. I told her that she and I were going to get to see Jesus when He returns.
Sorry for the huge paragraph. I guess I just wanted to give honor to a lovely lady who has a heart of gold. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to still hear her voice.



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