My dream recently.

I have been having a dream that I consider as a recurring dream. It is not just a one-time dream. People were living as they normally do. There was really nothing special going on. I was walking from a friends house when I saw helicopters dropping out of the sky. I was only a football field away from the first one. I actually saw it hit the ground and blew up on fire. I felt in my heart that I was too close and that could have been a horrible situation and I ran. As I was running, I saw another one crash and then airplanes began to crash as well. People began running everywhere. I was in a grassy field and another helicopter crashed even there. It was hard for me to find a place of rest, but I did. The next thing you know, I began to see parachutes with men dropping out of the sky and they had rifles with them. It reminded me of the old movie, “Red Dawn” which I absolutely loved. It’s the Marine in me, what can I say. The part that gets me is that after a while, I was able to walk by these men and they acted as though they didn’t see me.

I believe that there is going to be a war in the United States on our land. Someone is going to be able to surpass our radars and enter our territory. Instead of the police policing the people and pastors trying to have church, I think they should prepare for an unexpected siege.


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