Today’s prayer for us all

Father God I come to you today giving you thanks for keeping us through the hard times that we have been experiencing. We’re lifting up families and loved ones to you and those who are experiencing this virus that has been going around killing people before their time.

Give us the knowledge that we need to make it through this. I cover each and every person with the precious blood of Jesus. You said that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and we are going to claim that right now. I pray comfort to everyones home, family, churches and jobs. We pray for those who are in the health and life-sustaining businesses who work when no one else is working. I pray Lord that you make the crooked ways straight.

Whatever the enemy stole from your children I decree and declare right now in the mighty, matchless name of Jesus Christ, that he replaces them sevenfold and then some. Whatever the enemy stole from us, we will get back in this season, not another season but I’m speaking this season. And Lord we’re keeping our eyes upon Jesus and speaking to you through our friend and teacher, the holy spirit.

I decree and declare that at this moment in time people are victorious over all of their enemies and will want for nothing because you are our banner and provider.

Holy Spirit of the most high God we ask you to use us as mouthpieces for the kingdom of God. All that has been desecrated, destitute, and abused will grow in grace and be a help to others in the time of need. Yes, these dry bones shall live. Father God with all that is going on around the earth we will experience joy knowing that you are going to send Jesus back to the earth for his family. It’s lovingly called, “Hope”. We are the righteousness of God, and we are the family of God. We will do everything we can to bring others to the table. In Jesus name, amen.

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