Italy we are praying for you.

With all that we are hearing about Italy and the coronavirus, I feel led in my spirit to pright now via fingertips and mouth as I type, for the residents of beautiful Italy. My grandmother, Grandma Kelso, was Italian, my daughter is half Sicilian and therefore, I care. Even if it didn’t have it in my veins, I’d still care because I am a Child of the Most High and it is what we do. #Compassion, like Jesus had. You’d be surprised of the Black people in America who practically ARE the Indians and ARE mixed with Italian. No one discusses it that’s all. But WE know. And no, it has nothing to do with our hair texture.

I find it very odd that this virus has attacked Italy the way that it has. It’s not normal. I believe that a lot of Italians love the Lord or at least give the Creator respect. How does an entire country that is known for their respect to the Lord get hit so hard by this virus and countries that are “all-inclusive” and known for non-belief, you hear nothing about? It’s not that I want them to get it but just how do things like this happen? It’s persecution of the Saints.

To me, (once again I say, “to me,”) Italians have the prettiest language, the greatest food, beautiful people and old-fashioned ways. Father God save Italy? Cause this disturbance to stop right now in Jesus mighty name. Cause them to recover now so that ‘wolf packs’ (other countries) won’t come in and try to buy them out or take over and ruin their history. It’s all about monopoly. No one helped Greece it seems, let’s pray that Jesus kicks the devil to the curb with Italy.

Simply put, I cover Italy with the precious Blood of Jesus, Amen.

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