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Meet me at the wall.

Good morning to you and God bless you. We have a new day praise the Lord. I Thank God everyday for New Day Hallelujah, Baruch Hashem, Adonai. Amen, God has been blessing me and for that I am thankful Hallelujah. Today the message is going to be on the title, “Meet me at the wall.” Amen, and I’m going to be taking it from John. Chapter 4 And Read from verse 1 to verse 29. John 4 12-29 amen.
Amen, hallelujah! I hope everybody’s ready you turn your sword to John 4. Grab your pen and your note-taking device of your choice. Amen. You’re drinking your snack. And here we go. God is good. Amen. The word reads like this. John 4:1-29 (read)

“Come see a man!” Hallelujah. Notice she left the water. And went back to the city she came from to tell everybody to come see. She received what he offered her and that is what he’s telling us today to do. Not the world the world will offer you fake and phony stuff that won’t even last. God offers us everlasting life. Amen. First of all notice that Christ revealed himself to the woman of Samaria. I’m going to talk about Samaritan’s for a while. They were colonists who the king of Assyria sent to inhabit the land of Israel after the Captivity. And hence, they were despised by the Jews. And you can also read that in 2nd Kings 17:24-41 if you’d like a little background on that. In the time of Zerubabel they start to form an alliance with the returned captives to reunite with them for the building of the temple, but they were rejected. The Jews rejected them. And you can also read up on that in Ezra 4 verses 2 and 3. But! They were treated with Charity by Christ which is why we have to be careful of leaving people out and trying to judge who should hear the word and who shouldn’t hear the word. Okay. We don’t want to be like Jonah. Amen. We don’t want our gourd to dry up on us. Amen? Samaritans were opposers of Israel. When you look up the word opposer it’s those who hinder religious work. That should hit you right in the gut just seeing that sentence. All of you who are in Ministry, I didn’t say with titles and deeds and papers hanging on the wall have probably experienced this. How many times have you had people try to hinder your religious work? They tried to hinder that what you feel that God has given to you. That goes from companies to even like, for an example when I’m trying to come on the Radio Show at 10 a.m. Et., on Sundays. 10 minutes before I come on I have no internet. It just happened again today. That kind of stuff, you know? Opposers are the People who talk about you and dog your name, so nobody else would want you or want to be around you. Just like in the book of Nehemiah read up on Nehemiah as well. We all have our Sandballots and Horonites, people who want to hinder that which we feel God has told us to do. I’ts evil influences ladies and gentlemen, it’s the devil trying to come up against you. But no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Amen. Hallelujah! It is those who seek to silence the prophets and religious leaders. That is what they do. We have spiritual ‘posers’ opposers and those in a natural as well. We see it every day in our countries, our governments, leaders and even in our neighborhoods! And there are the government officials who seek to destroy Ministries and churches and they attempt to change our declarations and our rules. They want to tell us how to preach what to do and they don’t realize that God is our Father God is the author and the finisher of our faith, Hallelujah. We don’t listen to man. If they want to continue to bump their heads up against the wall, stand back and let them because you already won, you read the book. Amen. They want to widen our regulations to include whoever they want to include and do their will instead of the will of God. God says repent but they won’t repent. Your opposers don’t want to repent of their evil ways, but they want to hang with you.  Does that make sense? They still want to mingle with Christianity. My Lord, how can a poser help us build and tear down at the same time? That’s a word. Someone who is opposing you cannot help you build. That’s an oxymoron right there. That is a word to whoever is reading this right now. That is a word to somebody praise God. Someone is opposing you but at the same time they have two faces. God is showing me that they have two faces. They don’t agree with you but they want to help you build. That’s not Kosher. Amen? How can two walk together except they be agreed? Amos 3:3. It is talking about someone who continues to disagree with you and act like they’re on your

side. Come on now. They are not of the camp. As the old saying goes, they are “all up in the Kool-Aid and don’t know the flavor.” A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways. And so is a double-minded Ministry. I’m not just talking about preachers. I’m talking about the ministry that God has laid into your lap and has given into your hands. Be careful of your circle. All right? That is a word to somebody right now. We have to be very careful of who we allow into our Circle. Just as Jesus chose His we must choose ours. I’m not talking about eliminating someone in an ignorant way and being a smarty pants,  treating them like they’re less than, but watching who you let in your private circle. When somebody shows an interest in me, the first thing that comes to my mind is the word why? Why is this person showing interest in me? What is their MO their mode of Operandi? Be very careful. Be careful when someone comes to you. Make sure they’re sent by God and not the Devil Himself. Amen. Your first question should be why? Think, “what do we have in common? What do I have in common with this person or these people?” If a colonist took over your land wouldn’t you question their motives? Just as the case between Israel and the Samaritans. And especially if you were captured like Israel was and you were going to be out of order for a while at least, people took over your stuff. They’ve taken over. People like that are opportunists. Beware of opportunist. Amen. That is a person or persons who exploit circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans. The colonist is a settler or an inhabitant, those who inhabit an area that is under full or partial political control of another country. They claim they are related to Ephraim and Manasseh of the northern tribe. A group of people of one nationality or ethnic group living in a foreign city or country. Now, can you see why Israel wasn’t so keen about Samaritan’s who wanted to help them build their temple with them? Amen? 

The beautiful thing about Jesus is that he does include all even our opposers if they accept him as their savior. So, Jesus is the common denominator in Christianity. If someone  that you may have not gotten along with you for years accepts Him as their savior, are they not your brother? Do you greet them with a holy kiss and hug them? Simply put all your weights aside amen.
Jesus knew that he was going to Calvary for not just Jews but for everybody. Jesus went to Calvary for your enemies, humans that is, I’m talking spiritual. The people that you don’t get along with, we have to love them. No matter who you think is right or who you think is wrong. Jesus went to Calvary for them as well. Amen. Yes, Heaven is all inclusion, but you can’t bring your sins with you. There are too many people who are trying to enter into Christianity and Heaven trying to be reassured that their future is okay, but they won’t let go of their sins.  Everybody has sinned and come short of the glory of God. So when I say that don’t think of people that you know, think of all of us we have to let go, as the song says “Let It Go, Let It Go!” amen. You can’t bring your sins with you drop them at the door and forget that you had them and start all over again. Live with a renewed mind and a new spirit. As the Word says. When you accept Jesus Christ, you are a new creature you are different. If people accept Jesus Christ and they are still living the same way they lived before they accepted him, they’re living a lie. And the devil has them because once you get God inside of you and you’ve accepted him and His Holy Spirit is inside of you, and the Holy spirits is directing you, believe me He will not direct you in the same path you took before you got saved, trust me. Now the disciples got hungry and had to go eat. But as usual Jesus put the hungry soul before Him and His physical need and He went to those who were spiritually hungry. He put his flesh where it belongs …. last. Which is the same thing that we should do to our flesh. There are too many of us putting our flesh first. We put our flesh first and our Savior last. Does that makes sense? And then people wonder why they’re not successful. They wonder why they’re not blooming and blossoming the way they know that they should be. They are not in order. God likes things done decently and in order. Everything that deals with the kingdom should come first and all else just follows. The disciples wanted a sandwich. They wanted some pop and coffee or tea and Jesus wanted a Soul. That’s the difference. 
Jacobs well is counted as a Christian, holy site today. Jesus fasted to offer someone spiritual freedom. The disciples were concerned about filling their bellies and Jesus was concerned about filling the kingdom. Amen. The word does say that He was weary from his journey from fasting. It wears out your flesh but Jesus pushed through so that he could ordained one soul in order to win other Souls through her. Amen. Now the Samaritans really didn’t believe the Jews Torah was still the same and they believed it had been corrupted over time and no longer serve the duties it should have since Mt. Sinai. That is the difference. They believe in their own Torah called “The Samaritan Torah.” As opposed to the Torah used by Jews. As the Word States, it tells us everyday if you read it, “A house divided against itself will not stand.” They do follow Moses, but they believe the Torah in Judaism has been corrupted. Jews revered the Temple Mount but Samaritans regarded Mount Gerizim as holy and still yet Jesus offered them salvation. Jesus wasn’t concerned about the mountains it even said in the word. Amen. Verse 21 in John 4:21. Jesus said to the woman “Believe me the hour cometh when you shall neither in this mountain nor yet in Jerusalem worship the father.” Jesus was telling her right there that it’s not about mountains. Amen. Human beings, we argue over some of the strangest things and there is so much separation. Denominations are a separation. Is that true or not? “The Believers of Washington City” has some believers who don’t believe in Tithing in the same way that their church does  so they go off and start another church called “The Believers of Washington City #2.” Division, Amen. One Lord, One Faith, One baptism. The woman came to the well not knowing that this was a Divine appointment as Jesus asked her to give him water. You could see that Matthew 25:42. How many of us out here have run into a Divine appointment and not even noticed it? Some of the things that is happening in your life is a Divine appointment. Pray it out and ask God. Say Lord. Is this you?
If you’re not sure ask him he is your best friend. Don’t you talk to your best friends? Don’t we talk to our best friends on just about everything? We’re not ashamed or embarrassed to bring things up unless we don’t want them to know about something. But God is different. We can tell him everything. He won’t run back and tell it. Amen. Divine appointment. You being here and reading this today and/or listening to me on the radio show, is a Divine appointment. It’s not because Reverend Essie is so good and she’s so great and a bag of chips. Oh Lord no. You came because you want to hear the Word. Lol, I listen to different preachers. I listen to them online. I watch them on TV or whatever. And I know when I hear my daddy’s voice. If they’re outrageous or “other-worldly,” I just don’t listen to them or watch them anymore. I have to fill myself with the word of God. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have fun and enjoy my life or enjoy other programs or other things. You have to know that God comes first, fill yourself with his word first. Don’t be so Heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good. Amen. People are afraid to come around you and asked you to go eat because you might want to go to the “Restaurant of the religious around the corner.” 
John 4: 8 and 9 read it, please. The woman is asking Jesus how is it that He comes to her for water when Jews and Samaritans don’t get along? Did you ever wonder that yourself while reading this?

I thought of this last night while I was studying for the show today. How did she knowt hat Jesus was a Jew unless he had some identifying idioms or characteristics on the outer of his being? His language maybe? Jesus wore the badge so to speak. There was something about him that when you saw him, (or heard him,) I’ll let you figure this out on your own,   you knew he was a Jew. It could have been curly locks that they’re known to wear or His prayer shawl, his robe, his clothing.  Jesus is the greatest representation of Heaven, love and light that there ever was or will be. He is the greatest representation of righteousness there ever will be or has been. There was something about Jesus she noticed. Jesus told her that if she knew who he was she would ask Him for water. She was quick to observe what He was but she didn’t know or couldn’t observe who He was. As we look on the outer shell of human beings today, we could just about tell what they are. They’re black or white, Biracial, Greek, Italian, Jew, German, but do you know who they are? Be careful of looking on the outside of someone acting like you think you know their pedigree. 
Thank you Jesus. Amen. She was spiritual in name. Remember we were talking about the Samaritans. Remember what I said they were earlier. They believed and all that but they just didn’t believe the Torah was proper. Somewhere along the line, they believed the Jews went/were out of line. They thought that they themselves were the bomb. So, the Samaritan woman was spiritual in name, but blind in the spirit. Some people carry spiritual names and some people carry spiritual titles but they can’t actually see in the spirit. Hallelujah! You know old folks used to say “if it was a snake it would have bit (bitten) you.” This is why we have to fast. We have to pray, we have to put that flesh last. Some folks if it was a snake it would bite them because they cannot see in the spirit. They are too fleshly. They don’t take things too seriously as God wants them to or as they should since they call themselves a child of God. This is why some of us fall so short and so quickly in sin because we fall for those things that brings tears to God’s eyes. Sometimes we should ask God if we have offended him. “God did I offend you today? Please forgive me.” Amen. 
She goes on to tell Him that He didn’t have His own ladle to draw with and she wanted to know where He was going to get this water from. “Art thou greater than Jacob?” That’s what she told Him. “Are you greater than Jacob who came and even drink at this well and brought his animals with him? Can they drink as well? Are you greater than him?” She challenged Jesus’s divinity. Verse 13 and 14 Jesus offers her a better well than her forefather Jacob. Jesus knew who He was and He knew who He belonged to. He’s a part of the godhead. Amen. He would give her water that would not only satisfy her body, but her soul and her spirit. The Water of Life. She misunderstood him and thought that he was going to give her water that would exclude the hard work of drawing it from the well. She really wanted it because she didn’t want to have to go back to the well and do all that hard work of carrying the  water vessels back and forth. It was like, “Yeah give it to me because I don’t want to have to come back and forth to this well all day long.” Wait a minute! Hold the press! Did she say this was her forefather Jacob’s Well? Didn’t she just worship and praise Jacob? Now she doesn’t want to come anymore? She thinks that Jesus had something that will stop her from coming to the well that could save her trip. A few trips. She’s a futurist.  Notice the last description in the picture. Reminds me of our water lines and pipes today. May be she had an inventive mind. But that’s just a thought. Who knows? She really wanted to stop having to go get water at the well.

Just like today. People sell their souls for ease. Faith without works is dead. Jesus called her pedigree when He told her to go get her husband. He knew. You can’t play with Him he knows. He read her heart. She said “I have no husband.” He corrects her and told her. “Yes you do, you have five, and the one you’re with now is not yours.” Do you want to hold things from the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit? Do you want to hold it so much thinking that you’re right that they have to let you know that you’re wrong? Bad thing to do. Repent because you don’t want God to correct you. Clean yourself up because you do not want God to do it for you. Because when he does it for you, it’s going to hurt. Isn’t ironic. The people call themselves Samaritans (in the natural, old fashioned, closer to religiosity of course,) but their lifestyle stinks. That’s something to think about. Let’s look at this way, there are Samaritans now in life. I’m using this as an example of course. There are Samaritans, that think that the are all that and a bag of chips and nobody’s greater than them and everything that they do is right and everybody else is wrong. What was I saying about denominations? “Our denomination is the real one!” Really? But you have 5 husbands? You have a wife and a couple girlfriends? You’re confused and don’t know who you like? What about the people who are afraid to commit? Therefore. They abuse everybody and break hearts because they’re afraid to commit. And what about the ones who are holy and they’re Christian, they’re Believers, but they break hearts because they only like the newness of a relationship. So therefore every six months they have a new boyfriend or new girlfriend. They just like that newness. They are Samaritans on the outside and they stink and they are rotten to the core. Actually, the phrase “Samaritans with find husbands” is almost a joke. You are a Christian, but you lie. A Christian, but you get high. You’re a  Christian but you get drunk. You’re a Christian but you cheat on your taxes, your husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend. You’re Christian, but you can’t stand your pastor or preacher because they’re just weird. You don’t understand them. You don’t like what they do. You, are a Samaritan with five husbands/wives, my friend. Samaritans glorify mountains, Jesus glorified the father just like he said he does in the Bible. She’s concerned about the mountains. Are you concerned about the mountains folks? You were to call things that are not as though they are once you tell them to get out of the way they have to move. Believe that and leave it alone. When something is in your way, don’t go by your old watch your own watch your clock your cell phone or your grandfather clock. When you call a mountain and tell it to get out of your way in Jesus name it is going to happen immediately, next week, or next year, next month, 3 days from now, believe that. God is not a man that he should lie. Our problem is that we want things done in our time and not in His. If somebody is bothering you and you try to talk to them nicely, you try to be Christian about it, you act like a Christian should act with them, you’ve done nothing to harm these people, but they continue to harass you, call that mountain out of your way and tell it to step aside in Jesus name. And wait for God to do the heavy stuff. Amen. Wait on God. What was I saying earlier about Sanballots and Horonites? All those people that are trying to suppress you and trying to get into your way are going to leave. But it’s going to be on God’s time. And until that happens you pray and have patience. You have the power, you are sowing seeds.  

He tells the Samaritan woman that one must worship God in spirit and in truth, little ‘s’ we all have the little ‘s’ inside of us. The Holy Spirit is the big ‘S’. We have Him inside of each and every one of us. How big it grows depends on how much  we let him use us. It depends on how much we open up to Him. Amen. When I say “it” I’m talking about the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit. Dunamis come from the word Dynamite. Are you dynamite power? Or are you just a little firecracker, a dud? Is that your power? Or are you a boom? You have to worship God in spirit and in truth. No lies. No flesh. I don’t care what you’re doing. But if you’re doing it in your flesh, even if you say you’re doing it for the kingdom it is not going to work. You want to be an Able not a Cain. Cain offered God the fruit of the Earth. We can’t say cursed Earth yet, but he offered God the fruit of the ground while his brother Abel offered an animal something that was living that needed sacrificed for God. 
It is so good to know that we don’t have to go around killing animals anymore. Amen. Jesus is the greatest sacrifice that ever happened. So all of you tree-hugging hippies who are out there in the woods and you’re killing animals and children and putting them on the altar or whatever, and you think you’re making a sacrifice you are being used of your father the devil because there is no greater sacrifice than Jesus Christ. Jesus we thank you because you are all that. These people are in error. We are to worship God in spirit and in truth and believe that he is amen. Jesus had to tell the Samaritan woman that he was the Messiah that she spoke of. He had to tell her. She should have known. The woman was so overwhelmed with the love of Jesus Christ. It finally came to her. She left her pot and ran back to the city to tell other people about it. John 4:28. She went her way into the City and said to the men “Come see a man. He told me everything that I ever did in my life. Is this not the Christ?” She said “Come see a man!” Jesus is real. Love. And I’m telling each and everyone of you. I want you to come see a man. I want you to have this Supernatural Divine appointment experience. You are here and reading this for a reason. God sent me to you. God sent you. He wants you to know that He is the one, Jesus is the Messiah. If you’re listening or watching this and you don’t believe it stop waiting. Jesus is the Messiah. He’s waiting for you. Are you saved? If you’re not safe. I pray to God right now that you repeat this after this. He died on the cross for you. 
Repeat this. Jesus. Please forgive me of my sins. I believe you died just for me. You became sin for me. So that I could be forgiven. I believe you arose three days later from the dead and you are alive today. Be my savior. Be my Lord. I love you. Amen. 
Hallelujah and God bless you. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Amen Angels are rejoicing in heaven and God is happy. You are covered by the blood of Jesus. I cover you with His blood. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and all that rises up against you shall fall. Go find a bible-believing church that believes in the in-filling of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah. Jesus Christ makes you safe. Learn of him. Don’t just go around saying “I’m saved I’m saved today is my day!” and give them the date. Learn of him. Go on to learn about him and tell other people about him and learn about him as much as you can. Get yourself a Bible that doesn’t have  scriptures missing or whole books missing and learn of him. I say that because the NIV version has Christ’s mission missing nad a few other scriptures. Look in one and try to find Matthew. Here is the 2nd of 16 listed:

2.   Matthew 18:11:  “For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.”

Do everything you can to start studying about Jesus Christ. The purpose of the book, who wrote the various books, His miracles, the dictionary, everything and whatever you can.

God bless, Rev. Essie Scott 

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Please forgive me for the typographical errors in typing from the show to print? Thank you and God bless!

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