A dream of a funeral

Last night I dreamed that there was a funeral in my family. I remember being in Washington Pa walking uphill past my sister’s house and everyone was outside dressed to attend a funeral. My nephews’ son was walking with me and wanted to go visit someone else on that street. He was so tall and handsome and looked just like his father Geno. Geno is handsome as well, always has been. I could tell that he loved me and cared for me. He was always with me in this dream.
I saw my sister Donna and her daughter Amanda standing on the road and although people were stirring around there was a type of hush over the family. A sullenness. I continued to walk past without stopping. Whatever was happening, I wasn’t feeling the same way. I never lost my joy. The next thing I knew, I was back in my house where some man and woman met me and wanted to dance with me in celebration of my birthday. I told them that I did not want to dance. I saw new drapes and new furniture in ‘my’ place with people walking all around making things “anew” for my benefit. It was as though I had bought a new house or gotten a new apartment or something. I tried to make a call and found that my phone was on a party line where others can hear me talk. (Maybe someone is tapped perhaps?) I immediately hung up.
No matter what your dreams show you, God is still in control. Sometimes they can be a hint to the future or the exact opposite of what you are dreaming about. Years ago, old folks used to say that if you dream of a death, it’s actually a wedding. If you dream of a wedding, it could be signs of a death, etc. I never understood that one. From my experience in interpreting dreams, a wedding means that you are about to start a new contract with someone or meet someone who is the same in thoughts, mannerisms, and conversation as yourself. If you dream of a death, you are going to end a contract or a relationship with someone that may even have been detrimental to your health, wealth or future.
I am hoping that my family disconnects from our horrid past and begins to live lively, lovable lives from now on and quickly forgive one another. From the death of our mother from murder-suicide, the 10 of us, with me being the youngest, 3 months old at that time, we were separated and lived separate lives until we were old enough to find out about and meet one another. We can’t afford to hold grudges now. We are too old for that. I hope that you don’t either.
If you are one of the types who outright refuses to forgive someone in your family, remember that your past and actions aren’t perfect either. As angry as you are, you, at one time in life have angered someone else. That person may have just been man or woman enough to keep it to themselves.
Forgiveness, it’s the new Black. (?) Well, it seems that everything now a days happens to be the “new black” so I tried forgiveness. Oh well, it’s me. What can I say?
Have a wonderful day of forgiveness, life and love.
Rev Essie

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