Sending blessings to you my friend. 1/18/2020

Good Morning to you – you overcomer you! 
No matter what happened yesterday you are here today to make positive changes in your life and the lives of others. Life is not about having more ‘stuff’ but it is about planting seeds in others who may need encouraging and a show of love which may be missing in their lives. Sometimes when people need love it could be because they are not showing love or haven’t been given love growing up and aren’t sure how to show it. If you grew up in love, you are blessed, share it! We attract what we are. 

Never pass up love to get more ‘stuff.’ Imagine the land and countries Jesus could have signed his name to if His mission was stuff. He could have entertained those leaders and did a few miracles and received positions in every city that He went to. His interest wasn’t in being a man-pleaser but a soul-saver. 

➢ Do you know that some modern bibles even removed the scripture that had Jesus’ mission in it? Get an NIV and find Matthew 18:11. You will find Matthew 18:10 and 12 but 11 is totally missing. It reads like this: 

Mat 18:11 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.

I hope that you have time to listen to my Sermon about it from this past Sunday. Enjoy and have a great day. You are the righteousness of God kiddo! #TheKingsKid

Rev Essie Scott

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