Good Christmas Eve Morning 2019!

Jesus saw that we were in trouble and would not make it down here without someone to save us from the enemy of our souls who had creeped in via lies. Therefore, He came down as a baby, trusting a young lady named Mary to carry Him and raise Him with other human beings. She did well and her husband Joseph, well, I honor that man for raising someone else’s baby. *Selah.

He came purposely to die on the Cross for you and me. Jesus went through THE worst death that has ever been recorded on Earth. There is no one else who will do what He’s done for you. He was beaten unrecognizable, worse than any of the monsters or creatures that you’ve seen on television…..just for you. People don’t like to think of it as that but according to the Word of God, what else would he be? He wasn’t gorgeous and proper, with a beautiful smile on His face as He hung on that Cross. Some of us don’t even want to look bad, using filters, on our Social Media pictures.

This is the time of the year that believers worship His birth. We are thankful, we are glad, we are appreciative. Are you appreciative? Have you accepted the Work of the Cross that He did just for YOU? Romans 10:9, repent of your sins and bad behavior, believe that He died on the Cross for you and accept Him as your Savior. That’s ALL that He wants. Just like you and I do in our own lives, Jesus just wants to be appreciated. Do you appreciate Him?

Have the greatest celebration of all that you’ve ever had and eat, drink and be merry. Don’t overindulge, just enjoy yourself!

God bless,

Rev Essie

🎙 🎧📖 ♥️
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