Tuesday night I had a dream.

I’ve always been the type of person to dream a lot and sometimes my dreams seemed to be better than my real time but after careful prayer, God changed that for me. I am so blessed by Him now and my life is going well, not without ups and downs but it usually ends on the top side.
Tuesday night I had a dream that was quite odd. I dreamed that I was walking up a steep street. I happened to look up and saw a huge 18-wheeler jack-knife and the front of it turned downhill facing me. It was about 500 feet away or less and I just knew it was going to come my way somehow. It began to flip side to side downhill. My mind told me that I should move but my body didn’t move. It was as though I wasn’t worried or that maybe I was ready to die. I remember thinking “just move your right arm to the back of you and it will miss you.” I did just that. As the truck bounced and flipped down hill, I moved my right arm behind my back a little. It flipped like a Tonka Toy over me or went straight through me, I honestly couldn’t tell but I knew that I was unharmed. The man who was walking behind me, (my guardian angel maybe, I am not sure,) it missed him as well. He was tall with black hair, that is all that I can remember. I was glad that he was safe.
My fellow affiliates in a business that I am in are having an event in Atlanta, Georgia this month and I pray for traveling mercies for them all. So far, I cannot go but I would like to. Sponsorship would be nice.

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