Promoted today by Facebook to “Public Figure!”

God is so good. I literally sat here this morning and just watched the steps come in into promoting me to a Public Figure. When God is working you could literally feel the Holy Spirit at work and there's nothing that you can do but follow His wonderful steps. God bless you #Facebook and yes … Continue reading Promoted today by Facebook to “Public Figure!”


My answer to Mark Zuckerberg

Marks letter today on Facebook 10/05/21 Mark Zuckerberg  Favorites  · 15m  · I wanted to share a note I wrote to everyone at our company.---Hey everyone: it's been quite a week, and I wanted to share some thoughts with all of you. First, the SEV that took down all our services yesterday was the worst … Continue reading My answer to Mark Zuckerberg

A new Facebook is on the horizon, mark my words.

I've been having odd feelings about Facebook for about a year or so now. I believe that someone is in the background, creating a newer version just as Mark Zuckerberg created a newer version of MySpace.  It's down today and so is Instagram. There's a reason. God is not going to allow it to take … Continue reading A new Facebook is on the horizon, mark my words.

Facebook beats a dead horse.

Heads up ladies and gents. If you ever receive a notice from Fb please screen shot it either full screen and crop later or crop while screen shot-ing it. You may need it for later. I feel as though Facebook is confused from having too many "fact-checkers" or they are literally picking on people. How … Continue reading Facebook beats a dead horse.

No, I don’t stay on Facebook all day thank God. :D

My weekly S10 report. I said I couldn't do Facebook too long anymore and praise God I don't. I do what I say. I love my little game and I think one could see that here. That and the Word keeps my mind sharp. 😉

I apologize.

I apologize for not putting my Sunday, Church Online, "Micromanna" link on as I should. Thank you to those who asked me why it wasn't there. From now on, I will place it here, in our Q&A group and on New Birth Ministries. I just didn't want to flood anyone's timelines but due to my … Continue reading I apologize.

God makes a display of our enemies openly!

My "Haman" got embarrassed publicly. (Read the story in the bible about Queen Esther and Haman.) A preacher friend of mine told the actual owner of "The Town of Canonsburg" group on Facebook what one of the moderators did to me by kicking me out of the group 'thinking' that I had "stolen" one of … Continue reading God makes a display of our enemies openly!