Facebook beats a dead horse.

Heads up ladies and gents. If you ever receive a notice from Fb please screen shot it either full screen and crop later or crop while screen shot-ing it. You may need it for later. I feel as though Facebook is confused from having too many “fact-checkers” or they are literally picking on people. How many times can they “warn” me about that Christians in orange suits who were about to get shot by Muslims? Or does that sentence contain the magic word so-to-speak. (Non-believers.) There is too much “inclusion” in the church anymore. We love the people but hate sin. Now a days, the church is loving the people AND their sin. I did a video once called, “Sin in the church” and one on “Sin in the Camp.” That’s what’s happening now. REPENTANCE is out the door! If you don’t include those who adamantly are against Jesus Christ, they kick you to the curb, publicly for all to see. It’s hard to embarrass me. This is why God tells us constantly in the New Testament, “Fear not” and “Be strong.” We have to strengthen ourselves for these days. Now is not the time for pity parties. It’s time to choose whose side we are one. As for me, I am on the Lord’s side.
Please tell your friends. I feel that they are trying to get me off of here. Guess I told the truth too much. If I was a fool, they’d love me. Fools do their business for them. I’m am a seed, bury me and…….I just grow all over again. The Word just duplicates. Gotta love it.

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