My demon busting dream

Last night (05-22-23) I had a dream that I wrestled with a mentally challenged – type man who turned into Satan. He kept fighting with me and tried to take over and enter me but I would not allow him to. He continued to try to swallow up my right arm and the right side of my body. I continued to call on Jesus and continued to choke him. I rebuked that Devil saying “In the name of Jesus leave now and don’t come back.” It was very hard while wrestling him but I did win of course, in Jesus name, and he left the man and the man became normal again.

I could feel the presence of the Lord with me while I was wrestling with this devil. I even heard the Lord’s voice behind me. There were Angels encouraging me.

No matter how much wrestling you may have to do don’t ever let the devil make you think that the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus does not work.

I just uploaded an old sermon of mine about the power in the name of Jesus and I would appreciated it if you would take a listen and enjoy. God bless you and have a beautiful day.


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