Are we the perverse generation?

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“Living Digitally”

In today’s society we live much differently than our elders …

Are we the perverse Generation?

  • Apr 29, 2014 Updated Dec 5, 2017
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Are we the perverse Generation?
Photo provided by Rev Essie Scott

Acts 2:40 – 40 And with many other words did he testify and exhort, saying, Save your selves from this untoward generation.

I reminisce….

Gone are the days of good radio stories and family shows where men worked hard and women had great housekeeping skills. Children dressed more neatly and called people, “ma’am” and “sir”. Hollywood had their bad boys and girls but television was cleaner and more positively entertaining. Neighbors could knock on one anthers doors and borrow a cup of milk or sugar and eat a roll and drink coffee while they were there. When you got into trouble in school you got a paddling and you better hope that your parents didn’t find out or you’d get a whooping at home as well. Most teachers paddled children in the presence of others as an example of how not to be., and they adhered to the example. The children were embarrassed of their bad behaviors and repented of their wayward ways before their rebellion had time to settle in. They didn’t hold grudges and come back with an AK-47 and shoot up the place. The local grocer was able to give most people a food account at their grocery store because then, you could hold a man to his word that he would pay. Shows with slight sexual innuendos were limited to “Vaudeville” that carded you at the door. Now we are a lot of voyeurs and exhibitionists. Sex is a main staple on television and the motion picture screen. Friday, a certain talk show did an interview with actors who spoke of the “Director’s Chair” in Hollywood where directors tell actors to perform certain sexual acts with them in order to get parts in new movies and sitcoms. Those things that God dislikes are now being coveted by the Church and perversion runs the country. Good is bad and evil is good.

God is not the author of confusion. (1 Cor 14:33) Also, James 3:16 tells us :

James 3:16

16 For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

Have we become like Sodom and Gomorrah? Are these the “Days of Noah”? It is my hope that you are saved because time is growing closer to the return of Jesus Christ. No man knows the day nor the hour of His return. Jesus doesn’t even know. Only the Father knows. (Please see Matthew 24:36, 42 and 25:13.)

Wolves in sheep’s clothing have begun to lead some believers astray with their charming devices and ways. So many who say that they believe in Jesus Christ will not spend more than one hour a week with Him or three major holidays a year, but they get angry at God when their health fails or they don’t get their way. Because of sin we all must experience death in some way due to Adam’s fall but we shouldn’t aid death to come upon us any earlier. That would be so redundant to be charged at the Last Great White Throne Judgment with “aiding and abetting.” If Jesus isn’t your advocate (lawyer) you aren’t going to see Heaven my friend. The devil says, “this person constantly stuck needles in their arms, heroin” (or whatever your sin is, crack cocaine, alcohol, lying, cheating, stealing, bitterness, hatred, etc.). You interrupt him by saying, “he made me!” God looks at you and says, “But you aided him.” You look to Jesus to help and Jesus shrugs His Royal shoulders and says, “I know you not.” Then you hear the Courtroom Adjutant yell, “Next!” Case closed.

There used to be a time where leaders learned to practice restraint and their personal desires were kept private and they would keep them between themselves and God and take them to the grave. Now we have Pastors, Priests, Teachers, and Child Providers abusing those whom they are assigned to keep safe. Sadly, it seems that we are becoming slightly tolerant of abuse anymore. Just like the television has done which I believe was part of the plan, we have gotten used to seeing and hearing evil. We are now conditioned to anything. It takes a handful of righteous people to even attempt to get justice. Our enemies are allegedly training on our own soil and bowing to their gods, but a football player is teased for kneeling to His God, our Nations Father, and to top that off, he loses his job. No one cares. We just keep rolling along.

As scientists continue to modify our food and strip our land of natural foods such as old-fashioned berry bushes, apple trees, peach trees and raspberries, we grow more unhealthy by the day and refusing to exercise. When is the last time that you saw wild berry bushes along the road unless you live in a rural place that is barely touched? That used to be our breakfast lunch and dinner when my generation was younger. Everything is regulated. Now you pay big for “larger, sweeter” berries. Nothing was wrong with the wild ones! While we complain because the church bus didn’t pick us up or our cars are too clean and nice to pick anyone up, people from lesser blessed countries walk miles in the rain and mud to hear a preacher preach about this “Jesus” that they have been interested in. They sit on grass mats in grass huts on cool, rainy days.

Just as in times of old, people sacrificed their children to a fake idol, then named Molek, by burning the children in his stomach that had fire within it, we offer ours through abortion, and our leaders surprisingly don’t mind. We are one nation, divisible, by sloppy and sinful ideals and lusts.

Yes, I do believe that we are the perverse generation. We have a lot of praying and fasting to do. I think that as believers we need to stop copying after Esther and Daniels fasts, hoping that it will still work for us today although it was for “such a time” as theirs, and teach our loved ones to fast more regularly and quietly without announcing it for credit and fame. Jesus tells us not to ‘show off’ because we are fasting. There is a message in that. God tells us to go into our closets privately to speak to Him. The Word tells us that when you do a thing, that IS your reward. Matt 6:2.

That which is in secret gets a private and secret reward. And sometimes when God rewards you, you can’t tell everybody or jealousy will enter into the hearts of the listener. Privately pray, or you can touch and agree if you must, for cancer and other sicknesses and diseases to be healed. Don’t “pamper yourself” as we are so used to saying, bind that thing because sickness IS evil. You have power over it. I’d rather die binding sickness and evil than to die giving up and feeling sorry for myself. Jesus didn’t say, bind and rebuke 3 times. You can do it for life. It doesn’t make your power any less. Believe. Pray for non-believers to see God’s handiwork and believe. Pray that the leaders of this country fall to their knees in honor and humble worship of Jesus Christ and that they repent for backsliding.

Once again, yes, I believe that we are that perverse generation. Listen believers for the sound of that Heavenly Trumpet. Look up for your Redeemer draws nigh.

– Rev. Esther R. Scott

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