Thank you Jesus for healing my back

For a few years now, I keep having this, what I call “Thorn” in my back. Something grows in my mid back that looks like a thorn when I take it out. I can’t reach it so I always have my daughter do it for me. This is the 3rd time that she has removed this so-called ‘thorn.’ I don’t know if it is clogged dirt or if it just ‘happens’ to grow in my back. Of course the devil whispers “carcinoma” in your mind when you have something happen to your health in any kind of way. I’ve learned to ignore those thoughts, take them captive and claim, “By Jesus stripes I am healed” and I always command my body to get in line with the Word of God. I have an actual picture of the Thorn somewhere in my files and when I find it, I will add it to this post on my blog.

What you are seeing in this picture is the “Thorn” and the back of my bra. Please pardon me:

My daughter looked at it for me again and then went to get her ‘kit’ that she uses to do nails, face, blackheads, etc. When she came back I raised my blouse again for her to begin to take this thing out. She began to take it out and said, “Mom! I don’t know what happened when I left but it just fell out!” Here is the picture that she took of it after it “fell” out of my back. I know this was the Lord because the skin around the hole looks somehow ‘healed.’ Maybe I am excited about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but I don’t think that this is all emotion and excitement:

I did notice that there were 2 hairs growing to the left of the hole and my back had itched for about a year or so. I have dry skin on my back and I need to take care of it better. I thought about using a tub sponge with the handle on it to lotion my back when I take baths. (Yes, I am a bath person. I love them.) I also noticed a slight discoloration around it.

All I have to say (claim) is that he Holy Ghost in me pushed that sucker out because sin, sickness, shame and disease cannot live in the same dwelling as the Spirit of the Most High! I know that there is a myriad of people out there who are suffering in unimaginable ways physically. My answer to that is that everyone has their own level of faith in Christ. I choose to have what my bible teacher once told us and that is “stupid” faith in what Jesus can do. It’s not that you’re stupid but people think you are stupid for believing so hard and strong in the Lord. I choose to believe that I have been healed What do you think?



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