Still losing and no I am not sick. Praise God.

I know that women aren’t supposed to show their weight but I am because this may help someone and possibly save them from a heart attack. And thank you…

This time last year I was almost 200 pounds. 189 or 198 I believe. Same numbers. I just remember getting on the scale saying to myself, “Wow! I am almost 200 pounds! I need to stop this mess.” I was a pretty big girl.

And a mess it usually is. One key is to keep your colon clean which many never think of. This is also why people were healthier years ago I believe because Old Skoolers used to make us take a spoon of Castor Oil once in a while to clean out our intestines. Do any of you remember that? Then they created Cherry Castor Oil attempting to make it more palatable. Yea, ok.

AND! I am NOT sick. My doctors report a few months ago was beautiful. He even cut some meds down. My clothes are hanging off of me and I love it. I put a nightgown on last night that I hadn’t worn in a long time and it was hanging off of my body. I felt like a little girl in my mothers night gown.

This is what happens when you simply begin to get serious about your weight and take action. I changed my eating habits when I picked Canning up again, (AND I keep my colon clean.) I used to Can years ago until I got burned once trying to “cheat cool” the pot down with water. There was still pressure in it when I removed the lid and it went “BOOM!” all over my kitchen ceiling. To the hospital I went, 3rd degree burns and all. That was around 1987 after I had my first child. I picked it back up last year August 2022 and I love it. I take it more seriously now and it is an absolute joy to Can/Process Food. It is always a blessing when you learn how to preserve food for your household.

I was around this weight when I had my son (2nd child.) I don’t want to go down too low because of course, I am older now and you have to give your skin time to settle in to this new weight. Of course I wrinkled a little but who cares about the wrinkles! I am just glad that I took all of that unnecessary fat off of my heart, kidneys and lungs, bones, cartilage, and joints. While the vain act like they don’t want to disclose their weight or the world will fall apart, I will disclose mine to you in hopes that it provokes you to get healthier if you need to.

The secret: Stop living to eat and eat to live.

God is good!



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