Morning Prayer 012123

Good morning Father! Thank you for this new day. Bless all of our families and friends. Cause us to have a new awakening this morning to your Holy Spirit. Cover each and every household represented below this post with your blood Jesus. The signatures below are taking action which is a show of Faith in you. Cause us to see the victor that is in each one of us through Christ Jesus. Fill our hearts with more of you. Forgive us of our sins. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for us and giving us victory over our enemies, sin, hell – eternal misery and death. Thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit that we me be able to discern between good and evil, and have more wisdom, knowledge and revelation. Cause us to be so full of your Spirit that we will rise people from there sicknesses and graves like the naked boy did when they were taking you away Jesus to crucify you in Mark chapter 14 verse 51. Your power cleanses us, raises the dead and makes us whole. Each and every day we will glorify you and give you praise regardless of the confusion going on around us because with the Holy Spirit in us, there is no confusion with us. He will not allow it to dwell with Him. In Jesus name amen.


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