I need prayer partner time.

Please pray for my neighbor Cookie who is 82-ish and lives by herself. Her grand children came to visit for Christmas which is good but she is very concerned about the pine trees that are swaying in front of her house. And yes, we lost another tree this morning from the wind. A full, beautiful pine tree. Sad. Our other neighbor is on a watch for her chickens which Alexi helps her with and we all are watching out for one another.

For some reason I have an odd feeling about this weather. Something is disturbing my spirit. I’ve never felt this way before. I can’t put my finger on it and my discernment isn’t working so well on this one. Something is off-kilter about it. We know that the devil is busy but God is busier! Amen? God can outdo any work of a created fallen angel. Please take out time tonight to pray hard about America and her repenting to The Father? Thank you. I believe that we are soon to see more days like this one if we don’t return to the Lord. Today is no joke.

Bless you all in Jesus name. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help REGARDLESS of gossip or people knowing your business. If people repeat it that’s between them and God.

Stay safe please,



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