There goes Walmart!

What have I been saying about Walmart(s)? It’s been said for years that the buildings could possibly be used for detention centers, I am not sure. Years ago, I used to follow You Tube creators like Jesse Ventura, the ex-wrestler who used to cover these topics amongst subjects like CERN and HAARP and his channel is very informative. Sam Walton was a Christian but when he passed I am sure that things began to change. I’ve had problems with Walmart deliveries myself. They would deliver our food and their website said that it was delivered but it was not. I am not sure if someone just took our food or what. Who can tell? All I know is that they were running their deliveries with 3rd party companies and those drivers were not delivering. A business cannot remain open with those types of problems. I love Walmart but their foundation is beginning to crumble. They attempt to do a good service, let’s keep them in prayer that everything straightens out with them. The CEO says that they will begin to close various stores soon.

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