Answering a Pastors question about my health.

A pastor from Pakistan who has been in our ministry for years asked me this morning what I did to get so healthy recently. I posted in our prayer group that I had lost weight and my cholesterol and diabetes has gotten better. I am believing God for a total healing in all areas. The pastor began to tell me that he had two stints put into his heart recently. This was my answer to him and I hope it helps out those of you who are reading this right now.

“Praise God.

Please give me some tips. Already one year back Two Stents have been placed in my heart.”

My answer…

I am sorry to hear that you had to go through that. The good thing is … God kept you! Amen. You are a walking testimony. I started to ease my mind and spirit, throw away and rebuke negative thinking and voices that the enemy kept trying to put into my head, speak in tongues more, study God’s Word more and eat and rest better. I threw away worldly pressures and “took-my-time-in-Jesus” since my daughter and I moved to a peaceful place in the countryside where God told our landlord to let us live. This place was ordained by God Himself and has the peace that passes all understanding which covers us with peace and protection. I picked up canning my own foods once again and really got into it more this time. It saves me money and the food is healthier because I made it and put in the ingredients myself. No fake or unusual ingredients. With each jar you can season it yourself and know what is in it when you open it to prepare the food. You can hot water bath can or use a pressure canner/cooker. Now when we shop we get things that go with the food that we already have at home instead of ‘gorging’ on whatever we see in the store.

I hope that this helps some of you out there who are reading my posts. God bless you in your endeavor to get healthy!


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