God is saying to you today…

The Lord is saying to you today, “Fear not nor feel alone when it seems that the enemy has gotten their advances over you. Remember that my Holy Spirit lives within you and he fights for you and speaks to me for you. We have conversations with one another everyday about you and even when you are asleep. I see exactly what is happening and I see how the enemy is trying to make you feel inadequate, unloved and uncared for. Do not lose your joy and know within your heart mind and soul that your God is working things out just for you. You saw what happened to Satan when he tried to outsmart me so therefore know that it is happening to the demons that are trying to outsmart you. What is happening in your life right now is the gathering of ‘familiar spirits’ but with the power that you have inside of you you cannot lose so smile like a winner my loved one. I am coming soon and I know that you can tell it. You can feel it in your spirit that the world can no longer take a beating and continue on the way that it’s been going. I made the world for you not for Lucifer, his time is almost up. Regardless of what’s happening in the world have no fear because I did not make my wrath for you. You will not experience it. I will take you before I pour out my wrath upon the earth, believe that. I love you.”



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