Beware of Walmart’s (& other stores) delivery systems.

I ordered food from Walmart on Sunday, November 6, 2022, it’s Wednesday and I never got the food yet but they charged my card. I then received phone messages from Walmart telling me that the “food was delivered” which it wasn’t. I also ordered a dehumidifier that allegedly was “delivered” and wasn’t. I finally called our local Walmart yesterday and the manager said that they use “3rd party deliverers” who sometimes don’t deliver certain orders and they don’t know why. He said he’d have the food delivered yesterday, Tuesday between 3-4 pm..once again…a no show. Meanwhile my bank had my online account blocked saying that there was “suspicious activities.”I called 1-800-Walmart today and they said that there is nothing wrong with my account, all is well. I had asked if I was flagged or something, he said no. I finally got my 137 back for the food in my bank and as far as the 164 for the dehumidifier…well I’m still waiting. Tell folks to be careful of that delivery stuff. This is not the first time that I paid for food that was never delivered.

You Tube proof!


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