Good Monday Morning! 10-03-22

Rise and shine for the light has come! The glory of the Lord has risen upon you!

The Lord is saying, “Have no arguments with others over my Word because those who really study my Word will know that I do not like it when people argue over it. My Word is power. Never allow the high-minded to talk you out of your relationship with me. You have been doing well and as long as I give you the green light and I say that you are okay and you are good, then that means that, you are good. There are some who have jealousies and prejudices and they take it out on you thinking that it will hinder your walk with me. Check out their modes of operation and you will see that that is their intentions. The devil is using them to get you off kilter just as he used Peter and Jesus had to rebuke the devil. So be careful who you trust and pay attention to. When I call you, you are called. Walk ye therefore in it. I love you.” Amen


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