Good Thursday Morning! 092922

Psalms 119:97-112


The psalmist cries, O how love I thy law! He then proceeds to say that he has become wiser than his enemies and has more understanding than all his teachers. But this is not to be wondered at, because love is so quick and unerring in its intuitions. They who love, know. We have two organs of knowledge the head and the heart. The latter is the swifter and truer of the two; and it lies open to love, human and divine, as the lyre to the musician’s hand. The study of God’s Word by a loving heart gives, to simple and unlearned people, an understanding which no college learning can impart. They have a lamp that lights them unerringly on the devious tracks of this mortal life.

There is also this advantage: the soul which is deeply instructed in God’s Word hates every false way. It is not simply warned against taking it; it does not want to take it. A distaste for sin is the result of Bible love and Bible study. We may not retain all that we read, the water that percolates through a sieve cleanses it. (e-sword)


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