Proud of New Birth Ministries

2 days ago a lady called me out of dire straits. She found my number from our Ministry Page online. She had lost her house and the Sheriff was coming that night to put a lock on her door. Her young son lives with her as well. They already had some of the money that they needed to get a U Haul but not all. She needed financial help. I sent what was left of the amount but they also needed gas, etc. I told her to write her request on our Prayer Group on Facebook and maybe some of the others there could help. I said to let them know that she talked to me and I allowed her to post her CashApp. I did extensive research on her only to find that she had a nice aged page and her son looked sort of young, about 14 maybe. She testified about her situation.

Well, I am so proud of those who follow my ministry. A few of them jumped in to help, CashApp’d her some help and lo and behold…..we got her moved just in the nick of time.

She sent us the picture above thanking us.

I am so proud of my “Silent Servants” that I am almost in tears. God is good.

We got her moved. I feel blessed to be a blessing. It’s nice to ask for help for your ministry but it’s even better to BE a help.

She sent the above pic. I pray that she and her son is at peace and rest now.

God bless,



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